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If you'll excuse me, I want to love you sanely

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1 year ago

You are truly a very loyal, self-sacrificing person. No expectations, just

You're excited again, crazy heart! Once upon a time, there was a madman. Once it started, we couldn't stop it either.

I would like to work as hard as I can. To learn is to learn. To rise and become a nation worthy of it. I would swim in that sea of ​​pleasure now!

The greatest authority! There is no more!

It doesn't hurt me what he did. With him. She is happy with her love. I do not need anybody!"

Do not leave him! Servant means slave. They asked the slave: "What's your name?" My owner put it. “You ate?” “The one my owner gave me? Actually, we should be too. Only then can we be true servants.”

If I have a fear, it is the pain of my children. Death has come so close to me! I have no complaints, but my fear is extreme! My father was also sick. Until then, no one near me had died. I thought I couldn't stand it. During the two years he was ill, I tried to prepare myself for his absence. How we resent death in the face of death!

Good thing it gives you the strength to endure anything.

Pretty sure. Does it load loads we can't carry! And that is the exam question... To try. He did not create us and release us to earth. He will test and evaluate accordingly. Everyone's earnings depend on their efforts. From time to time, it tests us by separating from our property or our lives.

He is the one who gives, takes and holds all kinds of savings! There are thousands of secrets behind every event, we cannot see. Whatever he has done, there is a thousand wisdom behind it. Let me be a sacrifice to your order! God repaired the wall. Pierced the ship. My wife is also dead. What would have happened if he had stayed? If I count one, it will be morning!

He calculated everything.

And millimeter. Merciful!

A good nurse, a good maid, a friend, a friend, a secretary like me. In short, he appointed me for everything he needed. He also took pity on her. He took it with him without crawling, without making the quilt burnish, without disgrace, without realizing what he had suffered because he fainted, without causing pain. He made his will, saw the place, and said that he would die. He even said when he would die. What else! I'm comfortable. And I envy him, sometimes. Because he saw that realm and those in it. He also saw angels, especially Azrael. He was missing his mother, he was crying, they got together!

What kind of person are you! I see that you are in mourning, you are in rebellion, and then I see that you are in complete surrender, content from earth to sky. I said it! You are weird! You are experiencing all four seasons at the same time.

So I'm slowly dying and becoming!

You are befriending me for his consent. I'm happy with you too. I did not fall into the void. How does God walk us without putting one foot on and without the other being lifted, and a value like you supported me without my wife.

Free friendship is easy to find. All this is your heart's beauty. On one side of his heart is an unbreakable masculinity. I hope, when the day comes, he will take you to the most lofty levels.

That's his treat in this place of exile! So thoughtful! What if he puts us in his paradise, I wonder what kind of hospitality there is?

God don't take it from you! May he increase his love and affection!”

I'm happy if he lays me in the hayloft! I wish I could see her beautiful face all the time! Sounds like I can't hear if hell fire burns! Did the women who saw him feel the pain of their hands!

Love is such a hell that if it burns, it will burn! Does the one full of His love feel pain! Let's pass them! I do not want to cry! May God not give you a chance!

I'm bad, aren't I?

I hope you are too bad!

Look what came to mind! My eyes are so bad! If I take care of the flower with love, it dries up. I looked at the glass, it was broken. I looked at the man, he's dead! My daughter made a beautiful salad, her hand was cut off! "Witch!" You will say now.

Is that why you're looking at me too? I think you intended to kill, to destroy!

All I want is to see you smile.

No harm will come to us from your eyes, but I do not know what will happen to its essence. Do you know? I'm not very good at it, but if I happen to write a novel by chance, it will be called "Word and Essence".

Hungry Human. No! Sword of the Samurai!

Sheath your sword!

It can't be a sword. If anything, it's a sledgehammer!

We are friends with you in the afterlife. This is not the prize we know. My wife was still alive then. I even told him about that dream. You haven't seen it! Someone else has seen it. said. After all, this is what happened! I said. It's been so long, I'm still in awe! I hope we will be among those who are truly rewarded with Heaven and Jamal! An exemplary person! She is beautiful, full of love and love! If only we could be like that! If we moralize with his morals, the job will be finished!

Welcome to me, the light of my two eyes - Poem

I want to hang my pen before you.

While my tiredness drinks the ink of my pen

Your eyes come to my mind, I wake up from a thousand troubles from the land of fairy tales.

If you'll excuse me, I want to love you sanely.

Whoever I lean my poems aside, I always fell, I was cold, I was alone.

Where did you come from?

What is this marijuana you have?

You planted cannabis seeds in my heart garden and you left.

Don't look at me like that when I'm not even honest with myself when I'm writing, when you're so embarrassed and scared.

My heart swirled and bowed in front of him with my wisdom.

Look at you from me

You are like the first verse descended

Fearful hillside from afar.

You are like a herald

Both trouble and pleasure.

Your existence bends in love and makes a connection.

Time cannot find a place to sit where his name is mentioned.

You turn around and stay in my heart.

Comparisons also make my tongue silent.

No matter what poem I give you, your absence and your presence will suit you.

An opinion could not have been so effective. Like a rich beggar.

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Written by   196
1 year ago
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