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I would never have thought that I was presented to the devil's table

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1 month ago

Hope for days. It is a mild shower of dreams where I get wet, whereas the streets are dry, like my mouth, dry like my lips, every bit of the universe, the soldier of the earth, the sky.

Patience of the seasons.

The prayers that I read inside me like an amulet attached to the sky dome, and the tremulous wind, the breeze of which chills the heart.

I'm a canteen, maybe hidden for a lifetime.

A touchstone perhaps a little worn.

I'm a skeleton that can knock me down out of nowhere when I'm the huge scaffolding on the outside of the building where the words hang.

My inner voice.

Growing Lord.

I don't listen to the superstitions flying.

Not necessarily the people I add love to, but the people I put at the top:

Pierced my heart.

Emotions that I pecked like birds skipping on narrow pavements, boycotting happiness when I was in frustration and a silence that fell on me, maybe the scales with a broken pan, or the one I suffocated inside myself that I forgot to breathe.

When I open my eyes saying "hope for the days," and the stirrings in my heart are actually the stirrings of the season and the feeling of love and trust that I have acquired, but every time I trust and open my heart to the people I love, I don't even think about the fact that I am presented to the devil's table, without a moment's hesitation, that I present my heart on a golden platter.

The one yesterday.

The misfortune that accompanies it to this day.

I hope that tomorrow I will have an earring in my ear to accompany me on my boat.

There is silence, but the silence does not end if there are people I love or dislike.

Maybe like me: even though I love silently for a lifetime, I don't even think of imitating as I try to love a little loudly now but I'm afraid but I think I will grow up by going over my fear and I never look like someone.

I think no one can replace my two role models, but even though I know that I will not be embraced and embraced while I multiply and offer my love.

A book hidden in my lap, maybe the miserable child who hugs me for free and waiting to be embraced, while actually I am the one who will hug him.

If I have a dream, what is this little dream I have today?

Yesterday and a lifetime accompanying more than a dream…

If it's a dream about the future, I wish my Lord to come true, of course I need a long life and after wasting a life, I love whoever other than myself, on top of it, I put it inside me, to love myself while it never comes.

The rules it is subject to.

Directed instructions.

Nomadic souls as unconditional orderlies.

While I have seen a lot of a paradise that I built out of my mixed feelings, people and I still do not end my love for people like hooligans, but finally I came to my mind:

Not a single authority.

While my cause is hidden in Him.

Trouble does not end when he is the only one who owns me and me.

While I love with all my might, the exemplary thing I finally understood is real, after all, I am hurting people with my love, and while all the associated emotions are suspended and I can be so cruel to myself, I do not like people's pity for me, as I do not like to be pushed out of nowhere or slandered or slandered. perhaps being under suspicion is a rule of the world…

My biggest dream is…

With rule 1, it is love that gives birth to love:

He is the disciple of the universe and emotions that I take advantage of, and here is where I find as many people as I can love with my child mind and share the love inside me to my imaginary friends when it is not enough.

Thank God that I was old enough to go to school, and I took a step forward in love with a class full of children and my admiration for my classroom teacher.

A lifetime and while I can fit all the people and the whole world inside me...

I have to make a break here.

Because after all the love of all the people living inside of me, I just can't get over it: how can a few people not easily fit a single person, cheeky person like me, and it's raining negativity in their hearts.

Throughout my education life, there was not a single person I didn't like around me, and unfortunately I had a hard time because of a few people who didn't like me, but I was neither a traitor, a sinner, nor an enemy.

I knew, I knew, that's why I came to the world to love.

For a long time, even until the last few years, I did not have the slightest doubt about people:

Whoever it is.

My classmates.

My colleagues.

my neighbors.

All my relatives…

Exceptions did not break the rule, but it was always me, with my harmed and harmless existence, annotated on love and presented my inside like an empty plate.

Sadness from the seasons today.

I was happy yesterday, even the day before, I was happy and hopeful again...

The arrows that fire out of nowhere is actually what I was unaware of.

While I hate the phenomenon called gossip, I am just now realizing that I am at the center of gossip, and besides living in an elite neighborhood, I know that I do not belong to this world and that being harmed even by people I have never met does not resemble them to me, and I understand everything.

Values ​​taught.

I put the people I care about over the top.

While seeing value and being loved has been my dream for a lifetime…

Now I have only one dream, and that is to put myself at the top, at least in the title of love, before I embrace my inner child and adult Rose, a growing metaphor is like a meteor, where love and love should also rule the world, I am constantly running to my Lord and I know that He loves me and While I have given most of the love in my big heart to people and the world, and I have loved for a lifetime, I only ask from Him:

Beyond knowing that you love me, I set the alarm to love myself, and whether that alarm goes off or not, I will embrace myself without wasting any time.

After my father, I did not have a plane tree that I could stand for a lifetime, but when I gave everyone the task of plane tree with my heart...

Maybe I suffocated a few precious people I trusted with my love, after all, it is not an easy task to act as a plane tree, but I somehow managed to stay afloat with the breaks I took.

I have only one dream.

If I gave myself one-tenth of what I value, I know that; The course of my life and everything would be very different.

My values ​​are in my inner pocket.

All the people I care about are deep in my heart.

And now it's my turn; I love and value myself, and after my struggle for this cause, I will not give up on those precious and loved ones, maybe I will love them from afar, maybe secretly, but...

I am precious.

Like you.

You are valuable.

Me too.

In order to make up for the injustice I have done to myself, my next effort is of course, no one but my Lord can help me.

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Written by   115
1 month ago
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Nice. This is tru dear

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