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These Instagram Profiles can Change YOUR Life even if YOU are a Trader

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Improvement Strategy

Learning and training is the hardest thing we can do because we don't like to do it. It's a long story but we can make self-improving easier if we make a great strategy.

In this article, I want to explain how to stay motivated and smarter every day using Instagram as our daily reminder about important things. It's an amazing idea and surely effective, so let's discover more about it...


How to use Instagram as a brain booster?

What we see or hear every day, we become that in a short period. How? Well, everything we see or hear goes to our brain capacity and it stays there forever which means it's become our thoughts. If we charge our mind's capacity with useless information we will start to think that way. Of course, it's my opinion and I'm not an expert or maybe I am 😂

However, following Instagram profiles who publish deep and useful content can charge our brain capacity with good thoughts and we will think better because of it.

  • Every post we see stays in our heads, right?

So when we scroll our feeds and see nice photos with a good quote and we read it, it becomes our thought. Let's see which profiles to follow!


My favorite Instagram profiles

I like to be motivated, inspired and thoughts about business, so I follow profiles who upload quotes or video inserts from successful humans, you know. It makes me happy and gives me better thinking after.

First of business profiles is Business Logics:

They upload interesting and unusual content which is hard to explain but it's so good because they make me think about things. Here's why;

They do their job very well and you gonna love them!

So, if you think it can be useful then go up and find the profile by clicking on the link.

2nd profile is Business Motivation family?

This one is my daily motivation dose, they are awesome!

It's all about thinking, so when we are sad we are sad because we think about sad things. But when you read quotes from the photo above, later when you start to be sad or angry you could remember this quote and calm down, right?

#list #short

Links without images

Now I'll share with you links of my favorite Instagram profiles without description and screenshots because it will be a really big article, so here we go;

Okay, I think it's cool for now but if you want more links to follow, you can ask me in the comment section!

#conclusion #outro

Final words

Understanding our brain's functionality is the most interesting and useful thing we can do in this world because it's the most perfect creation that exists. Investing time and money in your brain will most profitable one in the end. But remember, feeding or charging minds capacity with good things is the easiest and safe way to become better.

I hope you understand what I wanted to say with all of this and if you like it please let me know because I don't know am I a good writer and where I make mistakes.

Of course, like this post and upvote it with some BCH's to help me with trading and other things, but remember, donate only if I deserve it.

Thanks for your priceless attention and have a good life!

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Written by   29
1 year ago
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