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ADCA vs. DCA Experiment: 10-Month Results

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3 months ago

Are you brand new to Assertive Dollar Cost Averaging (ADCA) and have no idea what it means? Check out my original post where I explain how I leverage ADCA to stack gains within my own investment portfolio.

Bitcoin's price action over the past 30 days has been relatively flat as the cryptocurrency has consolidated between the $30k and $40k price levels for almost the entire month. However, slow price action should not be confused for a dearth of developments within the space, and the past 30 days have seen their share of Bitcoin news:

  • Bitcoin suffered a death cross in mid-June as the 200-day moving average crossed over the 50-day moving average. While it may take longer for the full impact of the death cross to be seen, the immediate impact was a small sell-off within the marketplace over the 48-hour period after the death cross occurred.

  • China's ban of Bitcoin mining reached maximum impact on the hashing power of the Bitcoin blockchain as miners in China went offline, causing the greatest one-time adjustment to Bitcoin's hashrate in its history.

  • Bitcoin proved once again why security is key and why it's important to do one's own research before entrusting your assets to anyone when the Africrypt trading firm in South Africa went offline, taking hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars worth of user assets with it.

The S&P 500 continues to build on its growth this year and common themes for what's driving the growth of the stock market at large center on re-openings from pandemic-induced shutdowns in the United States and elsewhere as well as continued stimulus from governments and central banks to help stimulate economic recovery. That said, stories of record inflation around the world abound and analysts and economists alike wonder openly at what point the stock market will overheat.

Gold's performance throughout this 10-month analysis has been anything but golden. An investment in gold ten months ago remains at loss levels through months of fiscal stimulus and quantitative easing, which are meant to serve as catalysts for hard assets like gold and Bitcoin. Critics who dispute comments about gold losing its luster in the face of competition from Bitcoin are having a hard time justifying their skepticism.

Will Bitcoin's price continue to consolidate for the next 30 days? If yes, what does the longer-term thesis for Bitcoin look like in terms of a continuation of the bull market or a reversal into a bear market? Only time will tell, but I invite you to follow me on my social channels below to come along with me on this journey:

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Because this is not investment advice and everyone needs to do their own research before investing in any asset, I will not be sharing the ADCA formula that I’ve chosen to use. However, feel free to follow the progress of the ongoing ADCA vs. DCA experiment on my Instagram @assertive.crypto.dca or my Twitter @thehififinance.

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Written by   13
3 months ago
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