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Mid day report 16 September

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4 weeks ago
Topics: Work

Not an easy day with problems in 3 areas, so we have to one by one settle.

STS1 MAESTRIA ALARM                                                                                                        

MF:Min(Tank 2 Active(Conc Scaled)) alarm encountered for via run confirmed fluctuation in the maestria graph; already changed controller but still encountered alarms,changed valves and key to prod monitor no more alarms, to monitor all maestria data w/ in shift to check for spikes                      


To extract the maestria data for all runs within shift at end of shift to check for any spikes and saved in Y:Wet EtchWet Oxide. JS1 Monitoring if no alarm encountered throughout shift. To extract that particular run if got alarm.                       



DI water heater temp out of tolerance                                                        

Mc autodown. As per estar, enountered alarm after 20mins of processing time. MS able to resume the process.MS reset the temperature controller and error/alarm removed.MS performed empty run 2X no issue. key up tool for monitoring. Asked ms to check as per OCAP,no more alarm within shift.                               


Lots affected rewashed and inspected 5pc each no issue. moved out.     


Same alarm aft 20mins into the rcp max temp seen was 109C. chk estar,process finished aft alarm. rewashed wfrs then insp 5pcs each no reset temp controller as per ocap, then run empty run same alarm happened,max temp seen on controller panel was 95C. Reset system then do empty run no another 2x empty run no alarms encountered, key up to feedback no spares for this machine, need to consult expert from diff; currently high wip hence let run prod                                                       



transfer jig BOMBA                         

new transfer jig T3ET06 at G4 and saw the wafer can't transfer from teflon carrier "BOMBA 08/12 307" to pp carrier, but it is ok for other Teflon carrier,and this affected carrier can easily transfer at other transfer jig in same bay.informed Uyne to check the transfer jig and the carrier, informed opr not to use them. another carrier "BOMBA 06/10 002 "also can't transfer on the jig. Both carrier put beside scope.                                             


Small tool owner,sun adjusted the height of pusher for transfer jig, 06 so that the H-bar of the 2 carriers wont hit the pusher causing difficulties during wafer transfer. Sup tested out the carriers with su yan.Pls help to perform test runs using the 2 carriers with T06 tonite.                                       


Tried both carriers in T06 & T05 no issue w/ 5x load/unload, also tried other prod carriers no issue; can see enough clearance  for wafer and carrier when transferring  

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Written by   30
4 weeks ago
Topics: Work
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