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Mid day issues

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1 month ago
Topics: Work

H2O2 spike error                                                       

We found cannot spike H2O2. Check H2O2 vessel, full level.                                         


Check and found main H2O2 solenoid spoilt. Replace solenoid with spare from 8th floor office, ok. Test spike H2O2 for all tanks, ok.


Found qdr reclaim valve leak, replaced new valve. Also found solenoid cda tubing water inside. Check found h202 vessel N2 pressure valve leak. H202 leak to solenoid. Replaced the N2 pressure valve.                                        


Purge all tubing. Took out solenoid for clean. Fixed back, test found h202 main valve also leak. (h2o2 go to cda tubing). Await for spare.



AVAGO STAIN ON PHOTODIODE                                               


Lot detected by QC with stain in photodiode, inspected random few pcs only found random stain in photodiode DF/BF, other area/oxide no stain, ref to pic


Last lot etch in WB14, lot bfr W37 at 5406 FINAL ANNEAL, no detect of stain inline, to inspect. Lot prev encountered max delay in WB05 & released by bacthing eng to rewash during sputter pure Al, no other related history found. To inspect wfrs & verify if stain found in other area


Inspected not all wfrs affected. Stain/rsd seen only in photodiode. Affected wfrs #14/19/07/25/05/18/21/24. Defect easily detect under scope, at random location.


Inspected lot bfr, W33 aft anneal, no similar defect. Buddy run in DFRF4, W015 - terminated, W16 at qc no similar defect. #24 sent for gasonic, inspected stain remained in photodiode at same location, ref to pic taken bfr/afr gasonic. Prod gross die 7517


Pls help to continue mapping,lot at F2 table. Lot is inspected by Ew155 SAw. Inspected Ww18 with F2 TiW etch bay scope udr 20x, stain on photodiode can be detected.   


#10 done scruber w/o brush (pg1), no improvement. #16 to send for x-section. FA alr submitted  

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Written by   30
1 month ago
Topics: Work
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