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How to deal with rapist

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1 year ago

At present the amount of rape in our society is increasing exponentially. So girls should always be ready to deal with rapists.

What to do if the rapist is 3/4 or 6/7?

🌺 pepper_sprayঃ

(Pepper spray) can use. By pressing it once, you can easily overcome 10/12 people.

Pepper_spray making rules -

A very effective weapon can be for the safety of a girl. You can buy it in stores or online or make it at home. Buy a spray bottle. Take one by one in a container-

★ 4 tablespoons chili powder

★ Rubbing alcohol

★ 2 tablespoons baby oil

★Lemon or liquid soap

Mix all the ingredients together and shake. Leave overnight. The next day take the liquid in a sieve spray bottle. Made your own paper spray.

When rapist will come girls have to spray in their eyes.

(Rubbing alcohol, you can find it in any pharmacy. Liquid like water. It works to anesthetize. It is especially used in operations to anesthetize)

Thanks everyone

BeStrong And Courageous

Be Safe Always

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Written by   95
1 year ago
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