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My Only Happiness

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6 months ago

The family is important because they are the ones who understand us better in times when we have nothing to lean on during the time when only problems come in life. The importance of this whole family is that you are able to face the world with your whole being because of the family and have fun with the whole family.

My family is my inspiration. They gave me love. I am very happy because they became my family. My father and mother are the people who are important to me and my brothers and sisters are the people who make me happy. In our family people experience life's trials but when we are whole we do not give up because we know in the family we draw courage to overcome the pain and trials we feel. Family love is an important storm that we give to each other.

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You're right! Family is our forever life. Although I have a sad experience with my family they're my first and forever inspiration.

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6 months ago