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Is Abortion Important or Not?

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1 month ago

Abortion is also called a spontaneous miscarriage. Miscarriages happen when a pregnant woman suddenly experienced an unexpected ending of a pregnancy. Most of the time, it happens when the pregnant woman is doing something that she is not doing like carrying a heavy object or any other means.

Let's start from the beginning. So pregnancy happens when a sperm cell and an egg cell meet. These two cells came from a man and a woman. So during pregnancy, both sexes are involved in the creation of a baby. Sex and gender are, technically, discussed as different terms. Sex refers to the assignment given at birth, in particular to the reproductive organs. Gender is a social construct identity of a person. These two should never be debated and must be pure common sense anywhere in the world. Part of innovation is not just the things we use every day, but our mindsets as well.

Going back to pregnancy, not all the time, this happens because of love. Sometimes it happens because of lust. And by lust, I mean, by force. A pregnant woman can be the result of a man that doesn't like the word "No." and does know the difference between right and wrong but will do the wrong if it doesn't happen his way. A law involving forced sex must be included in the Ten Commandments. And even if it isn't in the Ten Commandments from the Catholic Church, people who consider themselves as the Children of God but do the opposite, or not, should know that even though the Bible doesn't pretty much address the issue of a sexual assault, the Hebrew Bible has a story of a woman being a victim of one, Dinah. However, the Bible is being read because it contains stories of faith. These stories should reflect the sins we do and we are about to do and the consequences we might face if we do those things.

I came across, once again, one of my favorite saints of all time, Saint Maria Goretti. Saint Goretti wasn't sexually attacked but she was supposed to be assaulted by a man named Alessandro Serenelli at the age of twelve in her home after hatred got into him because of countless refusals from the Saint. Her story has no relation at all to abortion itself but her forgiveness to her attacker rather than filling her mind with hatred was one of the most astonishing things I have ever read in my life.

Any form of attack on women, or men, can be considered violence against human rights. If Saint Maria Goretti was not killed but rather assaulted, she would carry a child because of that. Not only the child but the trauma of the incident, the mark that will haunt her for the rest of her life, and the flashbacks every day that will soon make her do things unimaginable. I am not saying that she should abort the fetus, which according to my science, does not have the capacity of feeling something. Although I heard people say that even though it's not formed yet, it will be formed a few months from now, if that is the case, we consider masturbation a form of ending lives, because if those sperms will go to an egg cell, it will also be "formed" as a baby.

Through my research about what the Catholic Church has to say about victims of such horrendous crimes, Father Vincent Serpa O.P. said that "Rape is defined by the Catechism as "the violent breach of another person's sexual intimacy," and it can harm the victim's "moral integrity." However, in this context, integrity refers to completeness."

There is a United Nations agency called World Health Organization (WHO). Most of us might have heard of it already because it's obviously the standard when it comes to helping people's lives when it comes to health. According to the critically-acclaimed organization, there are about 121 unintended pregnancies, whether they came from an assault or women who are not yet ready to have a child. According to WHO, abortion may be conducted safely and efficiently in a number of situations and by a variety of persons, including various sorts of health providers and the woman herself in early pregnancy.

I am not pro-life nor con-life but I would rather see the victim go back to being happy by doing what she thinks is best for her. I am not saying that if she doesn't want to have a child, she should undergo an abortion. What I am saying is that abortion is one of the rights that should be given to women and victims of crimes to help them from the trauma and relive the lives they should have.

In some ways, I just think that if men are the ones who gets pregnant, there will be no debate about this one.

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Written by   77
1 month ago
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In human thinking abortion is okay to relieve pain or to hel victims, but in Roman Catholic and in the eye of God, aborting is like killing. I'm pregnant, I did think about abortion too, but in the end i still chose to give life with this baby i am carrying, I am afraid of God and i will never kill a person not my own child

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1 month ago