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Don't Worry About Your Side Fat, Try These Exercises

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4 months ago

Exercise Movements to Melt Side Area Fat. In these days when we welcome summer step by step, looking fit is not as difficult as it seems. It is quite easy for those who care about aesthetic appearance to eliminate the side area lubrication that is uncomfortable with a few simple exercises to be applied regularly.

Excess fat around the waist can also be a precursor to many health problems, and it is an unavoidable fact that there is an aesthetic defect that prevents you from appearing in shape. Melting the fat in the side areas, which is more prominent with tight clothing, and developing side muscles instead, will increase your self-confidence. will also increase.

5 Exercises for Side Fat;

Movement 1… Sit on the floor for this exercise work. You will need to choose a soft ground for your work. For this reason, you can use a gym mat. Take a suitable stick in your hand while sitting on soft flat ground with your legs spread out to create balance. Thus, you will be able to make your exercise work more efficient. Place the stick on your shoulders so that it passes behind your neck. With both arms outstretched, grasp both ends of the stick with your hands. Twist the stick left and right, making sure to use only your abs. Be sure to move slowly during the exercise. The important thing is that your abdominal muscles work effectively. Work slowly by squeezing your abdominal muscles. You should continue the exercise until you feel the burning that will occur in your side areas.

Movement 2… Lie on your back on the soft floor you have created. While lying on the floor, bend your legs slightly and bring your feet towards your hips. You can get support by placing your hands behind your head. Place your right foot on your left knee without disturbing the position. Then take a deep breath. As you exhale, bring your left elbow and right knee together and inhale, slowly stretch them back into place. After repeating this movement 15 times for one leg, which you need to perform by squeezing your abdominal muscles, renew it by using your other leg and elbow. This cross sit-up exercise that you will do on the ground will enable you to actively work the muscles in the side areas.

Movement 3… Lie on your back on your mat and bend your knees as in the previous exercise move. Place your right hand behind your head. Again, raise your right hip slightly off the ground and turn to your side. In the meantime, get support by placing your left elbow on the ground so that you can balance your body. Bring your feet together and raise them together. As you exhale, pull your right elbow up to your navel. Take care to work by squeezing your abdominal muscles during the exercise. Inhale and slowly extend your elbow back to its original position. Then repeat the movement in the same way, using your other arm and elbow. This exercise is your work, you can do it with 15 repetitions.

Movement 4… Lie down on your gym mat. Bend your knees slightly and pull them towards your hips. Bring your hands to the side of your head in an open position on the floor. Take a deep breath and bring your hands together in the air as you exhale. Do not forget to use your abdominal muscles actively by squeezing them during the work. Cross your hands together in the air and try to touch your right knee. Inhale and return to the initial position. After doing this movement 15 times, do the same exercise 15 more times for your other knee and elbow.

Movement 5… You should do this work on a shuttle stand. Lying on your work bench, place your feet properly. Raise your body up off the bench with your hands together behind your head. With non-rapid movements, slowly bring your left elbow to your right knee and try to touch it. During this movement, which you will perform by crossing, be careful to work with your abdominal muscles. Then repeat the same exercise with the help of your other arm and elbow. You can continue this exercise movement until you feel a burning sensation in your side areas.

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4 months ago
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