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Top 5 Best Camera Phones For Photography 2020

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Are you looking for a mobile phone with an exceptional camera? The choice of smartphones that come with decent cameras is huge. Luckily, various brands understand the necessity of having a high resolution. In this article, we will name 5 best camera phones that will allow you to take impressive pictures.

#1 Samsung Galaxy Note+

This is a stylish mobile phone with an excellent camera that produces pictures of great colors and dynamic range. Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ has got a 10-megapixel selfie camera that guarantees perfect images of yourself.

#2 Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+

with this smartphone, you will be able to experience colors through its camera. it provides a triple camera setup with a selfie camera that delivers nearly professional photos.

#3 Sony Xperia 1

The device is a dream come true for those who love taking videos. There are versatile pro video modes. It also shoots footage at 21:9-a cinematic style.

#4 Sony Xperia 5

This is another great device for those who live filming moments from Sony. Xperia 5 features exceptional video capabilities, triple camera, and realistic night-time photos.

#5 Xiaomi Mi Note 10

Xiaomi Impresses not only with the quality of photos, but fratures. The device features various shooting modes, focal lengths, and has the biggest breaking pixel count. Mi Note 10 is one of the best choices due to its sleek design too.

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