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A Wizard's Love Curse

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1 month ago

I found a curse worse than Avada Kedavra

Written on the diary of a full-blooded prince

When this strikes you, muggle or not, euphoria

But beware: it pays an unwanted consequence

Agápē— the curse is called, its origin is Greek

Unlocking doors, Alohomora, to secrets locked deep

Better than a Cheering Charm, the happiness it brings

Yet temporary; Colloportus to forever seal the memories

Prepare your Patronus for the joy it could cause is fleeting

Crueler than Crucio, is what this curse really is

You have been deceived, Imperio, gone now is your free will

Wishing you could Obliviate or hoping you could reminisce

“Seni seviyorum, Seni seviyorum”

He never used a wand, he only whispered in your ear

“Seni seviyorum, Seni seviyorum”

He gently touched your hand, his heartbeat you could hear

Petrificus Totalus, you could do nothing but stare into his orbs

Both your hearts burned with fire that could put to shame Incendio

You made an Unbreakable Vow to cherish each other forever

But you both had no idea that his days were numbered

Sectumsempra to your heart, he cast when he left you

Who you were, what you were: your life is broken, Reducto

If only you have used Protego to shield some parts of you

Yet it is too late now for even Reparo could not fix you

Sacrificial protection: love is the Killing Curse’s counterspell

But this curse he gave you by whispering Seni seviyorum

Cannot be countered by any magic one could tell

It kills you slowly, painfully— this selfless love, Agápē


Self Introduction

Hello, everyone! I'm new here and willing to make friends with anyone. My best friend @Corpsekkuno introduced me to this website, and I decided that it would be better to publish my poetry and ideas here rather than letting them rot on my blog sites where no one is interested in reading them. I'm overjoyed that she achieved her goal of 1 BCH, and I'm grateful that she is willing to help me, since we face similar challenges in life. When she assured me that it's not too late to be more eager than ever, I felt motivated. All I hope is that she'll continue to strive and inspire those around her.

On the other hand, since my username is difficult to read, please call me Ziggy. I'll be posting some of my poetry as well as some short fiction works. But I might also post some articles about other topics that I could think of, and I'd love a healthy discussion with you all.

And, I'd want to tell you a little bit about myself as well.

  • I am an empath

  • I am a music enthusiast

  • I am wise and articulate

  • My hobbies include watching anime, movies, and series (both American and Korean)

  • I enjoy listening to audiobooks and reading

  • I love all kinds of animals

  • I love rainy days

  • My favorite number is 2

  • And my favorite color is blue & black

  • I have a lot of best friends it's because I'm loyal

  • Yet, I am an introvert

That's all I have to say; I hope you enjoy my poem. Everyone have a wonderful day!

Title: A Wizard's Love Curse
Author: softywicce
Date: October 26, 2021
Article No.: 1

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Written by   2
1 month ago
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