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Let's do Budgeting with Bitcoin Cash!

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2 months ago

Proper budgeting is the secret to financial stability. Starting a budget, on the other hand, is the easy part. But the difficult part comes when you have to stick to your budget despite the day-to-day financial difficulties. Money problems, materialistic temptations, and other common issues can all jeopardize our financial goals.

For example, my earnings have been divided into savings, groceries, emergencies, and special events such as anniversaries and birthdays since I began earning Bitcoin Cash. And having to break into your savings for an emergency is unavoidable although you've already set a budget for emergencies. But sometimes it was never enough!

Aside from that, the rising cost of living and increasingly growing expenses are genuine issues that we face in this day and age. Which can also jeopardize our budget's performance. Stressing right?

But today, I decided to make a budget plan with Bitcoin Cash and strictly follow it...

1. Set a Budget Plan

This is how I am going to allocate my Bitcoin Cash earnings

Setting up a budget plan is the easiest part, as I stated in the introduction. You can simply begin by analyzing your needs and desires, or by prioritizing what is most important to you. In my case, I'm working with a 40/20/20/20 budget.

I can never tell when I will return to school, but if I pass the university's series of exams, it will most likely be in September of this year. When that happens, I'm not sure how much time I'll be able to devote to writing articles and earning Bitcoin Cash, but my ideal scenario would be for me to gain less than I did before.

I've set aside 40% of my income for my studies because I really want to get a job so that I can support my family, particularly because I'm the eldest. So it's no surprise that when my parents are unable to assist my siblings with their schooling, they turn to me for assistance. To put it simply, I need to graduate and find a stable career.

I should never forget to HODL Bitcoin Cash because it will most likely become valuable in the future. I will save 20% of my BCH earnings for HOLDING. Keeping Bitcoin Cash is currently seven times seventy times better than fiat currencies. It is not a currency that is deflationary.

So keeping it is a wise decision, and you may as well keep up with the rising cost of living.

Monthly meals, budget for day-to-day activities, emergencies, and so on are all included in the spending wallet. I will put 20% budget from my earnings on it. It will include all of our necessities and some desires. My parents still raise enough money for us to live a decent life, so there is no need to allocate a large budget for it.

This is for my 21st birthday (debut) on May 10th. I've never had a good party before, but this time I want to throw one. I'd like to invite a couple of my acquaintances. We usually don't invite anyone to my birthday party except for my girlfriend. Yes, there is a cake to blow, soft drinks, pasta, lumpia, and salad, but it is insufficient to feed a group of fifteen or more people.

That is why, I'd like to make a difference by putting 20% of my earnings into my birthday, and I also wanted them to see how earning Bitcoin Cash has changed my life over time.

I'd like to put 20% of my earnings into an investment after my birthday. It might be trading, staking, or something else profitable (if you know anything, please tell me). At the very least, I'd like to increase my earnings.

2. Create a plan to carry it out

These are my plans to carry out my budget plans

After you've decided where to allocate your funds, the next thing you need to do is think on you can carry it out.

In my case, I still need to earn Bitcoin Cash and these are my plans...

  • Write articles

I'm considering writing about something I've learned about Bitcoin Cash, money, technology, and my personal life. My goal is to earn $10 or more per post, which I believe I will be able to achieve. It'll be better if I get more!

  • Get noisy on

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of sharing every detail of my life. I feel like I've been over-exposing myself. These, in my opinion, are the most popular noise posts, which is too worth reading. Or I feel compelled to photograph tens of thousands of flowers, sunsets, and other natural phenomena in our community. I want to write 5 posts a day and earn at least $0.10 for each post.

  • Weekly distribution of funds

I use a 40/20/20/20 budget plan, and to distribute my earnings, I minted 5 sjbuendia tokens and distributed them to my wallets (Studies, HODL BCH, Spending Wallet, Birthday.) I can distribute my earnings evenly on a weekly basis using an SLP DIVIDEND CALCULATOR. It's a lot faster than calculating and sending manually.

3. Identify risks and opportunities

Most important thing you should be doing

Since Bitcoin Cash is so volatile, I might end up making less or more. Identifying risks and opportunities will assist me in meeting my financial goals. But, as far as I can tell, the only risk here is volatility.

For my studies, I plan to convert my BCH budget to a stable coin such as USDT, USDH, flexUSD, or BUSD every week. The only way to keep my assets from depreciating is to keep it on a stable coin. I'm considering whether to save it in flexUSD, which pays interest, or convert it to BUSD and enter the launchpad.

The rest of my earnings will be kept in Bitcoin Cash. My only worry is my educational budget.


You already learned how Bitcoin Cash is gradually changing my life yesterday. Today, I made the decision to plan where I would invest my earnings and how I would like BCH to affect my life.

Budgeting helps me to build a spending plan for my Bitcoin Cash and future, ensuring that I still have enough BCH for the things I need and value. Following a budget or spending plan will keep me out of debt and, more importantly, help me gain control over my finances. I'm becoming financially literate.

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Written by   254
2 months ago
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Why are your education expenses so high? What are you studying?

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2 months ago

I've already calculated my allowance for 4 years, other expenses, and school fees. I'm taking civil engineering.

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2 months ago