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CryptoMan Chapter 2

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5 months ago

Chapter 2 : Marks on my Body

When Steve woke up, it was already 2 o'clock in the afternoon. There was a box of takeout food on the table ; it was the breakfast that the three of his roommates got for him.

Through the doors, Steve could hear the noise of cards playing in the form across his. His roommates were afraid of being loud, so they went next door.

"Real bros..." Steve scratched his head as he got down from his upper berth to get the food. When he reached out his hands, he was shocked! In the dark room, he saw microchip like structures on his shoulders!

Steve felt like his heart stopped beating for five seconds. He opened the curtain to shed more light on his shoulders.

A microchip like structure that covered his shoulders. "It looks like I am a program now that is ready to accept commands." he thought.

Steve thought that he was only hallucinating. He rubbed his eyes and it was still there. He tried taking this out of his shoulders but it didn't work as well.

Chill... Steve felt a chill down. He quickly undressed and stood in front of a mirror to see if there was anything like this on the other parts of his body.

Creak... The door opened, and the three roommates walked in.

"Damn! Are you a pervert?" Kobie shouted as he saw Steve who was continuously turning around in front of the mirror.

"No... No..." (panicking) Steve quickly picked up his clothes and covered his body. "I just feel pain in my body, and I was just checking if any other parts of my body are injured.", he explained.

"If you are not feeling well, we should take you to the infirmary," Christian frowned as he said earnestly.

"It's ok. Nothing serious." Steve didn't want to tell them about the weird thing that happened to his shoulders. After all, he didn't know what was going on and how to deal with it.

"I think you have the desire to run naked. How about we go to the public bathhouse tonight?" Airon came up and said to Steve.

"I think it is you who has the desire to run naked!" Steve said back to Airon as he got dressed and covered up his arm with sleeve.

"I'm going to head out for a bit. You guys can play now."

"Not going to eat?" Kobie pointed at the take out and said, " I bought this for you!"

"I'm not hungry yet!" Steve said as he rushed out.

"Damn, is this kid in a relationship?" Christian asked after seeing Steve's irregular behaviour.

"Him? He is not as charismatic as me, he is not fit as Kobie and he is not as handsome as you. Do you think he has a chance? If he can find a girlfriend in three years, I will give you $1,000!" Airon said firmly.

Just as Kobie and the others in the dorm were predicting no girls would lay their eyes on Steve in the next three years, Steve has left the school frantically. He waved down on a taxi and was on his way to the hospital that had the best department of dermatology - Belo Hospital.

There, Steve went through a series of cumbersome administrative procedures and tiresome check ups. After, whole handling a pile of reports from the equipment, the expert dermatologist told Steve that these microchip like structures on his shoulders were tattoo marks.

"But, I..." before Steve could finish, the dermatologist walk away because she was angry to Steve. She never expected that a dumb person like him would have tattoos and pretend that he hasn't have any idea about these microchip like structure on his body. Then let it check by an expert dermatologist.

Steve sighed off and left the hospital then he returned to the school. As he began forcefully scrubbing his shoulders with soap, he noticed that the marks did seem to lighten a bit. After exhausting himself for three hours over nothing, he went to his bed and fell into sleep.

The Saturday afternoon sun shone through the curtains.

"Steve! Steve!"

At that moment, the door of the dorm room was loudly banged on.

"Heck! Who is it?" Kobie who was the occupant of the lower berth grabbed a pillow and threw it right onto the door.

"Steve, there is a pretty girl looking for you!" On the other side of the dorm came the voice of Narmel who lived in the dorm room 102, right across from theirs.

"Pretty girl! Pretty girl!" As confused and dazed as he was, Airon abruptly woke up from his dream and arose to an upright position. Ever since Airon was rejected by the most popular girl at the university, he had lost the courage to pursue a relationship. However, he managed to retain his passion for admiring pretty girls.

"Steve, get up already! Christian told me to come and get you. Because of the pretty little girl who is waiting for you there. There were so many people who have gathered around the entrance of Karen's Cafeteria! You have a lot of audience!" Narmel continued shouting at the other side of the door.

"What pretty girl are you talking about?" Gently rubbing his aching stomach, Steve thought of something. As he went to see his shoulders, the microchip like structures are already gone. He felt a little relieved, not until he felt that there was something weird on his chest.

"What! The whole bunch of thing transferred in my chest and it is quite bright noe.!" Steve murmured to himself shockingly when he saw it.

Thum, thump, thump ! The knocking persisted.

"I'm coming! I'm coming!" Steve jumped off the bed to get the door.

By this time, Kobie who was on the lower berth could not sleep anymore and rose from his bed grudgingly. On the other hand, upon hearing the words "pretty girl", Airon had already started to get dressed excitedly.

"So many people have surrounded the entrance of Karen's Cafeteria. Christian and I were on our way to get food and thought an incident had occurred. We went over to take a look and found that it was a pretty girl waiting for someone." Seeing that Steve finally opened the door, Narmel explained feverishly.

"F*CK, that doesn't necessarily mean she is waiting for me, does it? This kind of fun is mere suitable for Airon. I'm not interested." Steve stared at Narmel in annoyance.

"Let me finish!" Narmel grabbed Steve. "That pretty girl had a portrait in her hands, and it is totally you! She said that whoever brings you to her would get rewarded by 1 bitcoin cash!"

"Me? What is bitcoin cash?" Steve looked lost.

"Upon searching, we have found that the value of bitcoin cash is more than 200 US dollars." Narmel explained while smiling excitedly.

"And you are here for $200, aren't you?" Steve locked his eyes on Narmel.

"Hehehe..." Narmel nodded.


Did you like it?

Well if you do, please stay tuned for more revelations and cryptostory.

Let me ask you.

Who is this pretty girl? Could she be the girl whom Steve met that stormy night? How did the girl made a perfect portrait of Steve and where to find Steve.

What is this microchip like structure on his chest?

Let me hear your answers below.

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Written by   73
5 months ago
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