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Buy for a Cause (Part 2)

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1 month ago

Hello everyone :)

We would like to thank everyone who helped us raise money by buying our old and cheap photographs. We were able to raise 0.05754413 BCH. The funds collected have not been touched since two days after we took the initiative to sell photos for BCH to help our parents, an unexpected help came from the government and so then, we decided to keep the funds and plans to share this among ourselves when it is already enough.

The Struggles

Before we decided to finally publish our "Buy Photo(s) for a Cause" Campaign, we had hesitations that we cannot make a single sale because we know inside that these photographs were normal and weren't very attractive. It's just the guts that made us pursue this campaign. Thus, we are very happy that we received support from the community and we are able to sell 9 photographs.

We have also received positive feedbacks that would help us improve our work and thanks to it! At this moment, we think that we have quite improved after 18 days.

Fruit of our own Hard Work

We brainstormed together, hardly thinking of what we can sell that would attract the community until we found it. But we are not sure yet and on the other hand, we still want to give it a shot.

We are using to sell our works.

Introducing the SLP Token Tech Tree Wallpaper

SLP Token Tech Tree Wallpaper is a collection of SLP tokens that have helped bring growth to SLP community and to the BCH community as well.

SLP Token Tech Tree Wallpaper

Price: $1.2

Sample Using Android Phone

SLP Token Tech Tree Wallpaper in my Android Phone

Link: Android Phone

Copies: 20 only

Sample Using iOS Devices

We look for a volunteer (who has iOS Devices) to try this as wallpaper

Link: iOS Devices

Copies: 20 only

Sample Using Laptop and PC

Wallpaper of Glorybretana0102 in her laptop

Link: Laptop and PC

Copies: 20 only

Introducing Travel Iloilo Magazine

Travel Iloilo Magazine is a project that has been part of our plans since the very beginning. It's a very short magazine with so much photographs (taken by us) of beautiful and historical places in Iloilo City. The known City of Love of the Philippines.

Cover of our Magazine

Price: $2

Copies: 20 only

Link: Travel Iloilo Magazine


Because we are unable to place multiple photos in satoshiwall, we will sell this using Telegram. Click the link to contact me.

Package 1

SLP Token Tech Tree Wallpaper for Android, iOS and Laptop or PC.

Price: $1.75

Package 2

SLP Token Tech Tree Wallpaper for Android, iOS and Laptop or PC + Travel Iloilo Magazine

Price: $3

Future Plans

We have enough ideas in our minds at this moment and we are currently turning these ideas into pictures.

If you have any ideas or any job related to images such as editing, constructing or whatsoever, we would love to apply. We are still newbies but we will try our very best :) we are also open for suggestions or feedbacks about our work.

We do not know if when will this end, so as long as we experience difficulties in our lives we plan to continue this.

Thank you everyone

We would like to say these words in advance, buying one of our works is already a big help to the five of us.

If you like our work and want to contribute, here is our donation addresses


Any SLP tokens that we can sell is also deeply appreciated


Thank you ❤️

Lead image source

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$ 0.53 from @Telesfor
$ 0.50 from @Read.Cash
$ 0.25 from @nyusternie
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Written by   86
1 month ago
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The photographs is attractive ,let the good work continue. Also thanks to everyone that contribute.

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1 month ago

I appreciate you guys for being creative. This is a good message to other people outside that creativity translates to better life. Thanks for promoting BCH at the same time.

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1 month ago

Photographs is very attractive.. Keep it up. Thanks for share..

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Good work. Photographs are too much good..keep it up. God Blessyou.

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1 month ago

We thank God you have made it through and the funds has been used it for intended purpose.

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1 month ago

Wow panalo!

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1 month ago

Photograph of artistic work is of much value hence those who need them will buy them certainly. And since it's done in an effort to raise funds for a good cause much will certainly be bought. Keep up the good work

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1 month ago

The photographs is attractive ,let the good work continue. Also thanks to everyone that

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Your photographs thinking is good. Keep it up. You will try your best and capture good photoses. Also your photo are more atracttive

$ 0.00
1 month ago