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Strange Days Indeed

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1 year ago

Well, I have had a few strange days. It started with a car accident near where I work. It was not a serious accident and more of an inconvenience as this is a time when it's difficult to book things in before New Year.

After the initial shock of being hit in the car, I managed to stay calm, gather my thoughts and be really nice to the other person. We were meant to meet in the most unusual way and I don't know what is currently happening in their life there is no point in adding extra stress to the situation.

The person was very apologetic and we exchanged details and now I'm in the process of trying to get an appointment to have my car assessed before the end of the year.

Then within 600 metres of where I had the car accident a couple of days later, I was walking next to a man-made lake with restaurants overlooking the lake on my way to a family Christmas lunch when a bizarre incident happened to me.

As Sydney, Australia is currently in a situation where the Northern Beaches have been locked down and the rest of the outer Sydney have been asked to avoid unnecessary travel. So there wasn't a lot of people around. The ducks and birds outnumbered the number of people.

I walked by a guy who had a hoodie on and was all in black. After passing me I felt a big pain in my back and initially thought I was pecked by a bird. I know the geese can be very territorial and will attack you if they feel threatened, however, this was different.

I noticed on the floor a bullet - rubber- toy-like. It seems as I passed this guy he turned around and shot me with a paintball gun using rubber bullet. I first find the bullet on the ground and then I started looking around for a sniper of some kind. But noticed that he was looking at me between some trees.

Once again I gathered my thoughts, took some deep breathes and started walking towards him. I was very cautious because my mind started analysing the situation.

My first thoughts were that he might have a mental condition. From a distance, I asked him, "What is all this about then"? Showing him the bullet.

He responded, "Well, it's Christmas!"

So then my mind goes to terrorism, amazing how it works. I thought because it's Christmas you shot me in the back. I was trying to remember everything I could about him as I was going to report him. When I went to ask him another question he turned around and made an escape. I decided not to pursue him in case he has real weapons on him.

I have to say even a couple of days later it's still painful as he did bruise my back.

You can't prevent the strange events that happen in your life but you can control how you react to them. Anger did appear in my mind and body however I did the best I could to subside that anger as in both cases could have made the event even worse.

These events are my attraction and something which needed to be cleared for some reason.

Everything is as it should be.

Peace and Love


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Written by   26
1 year ago
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