Marriage without seeing.

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Then what the young man saw in the living room. 🎇

Hearing the praise of the young woman's quality, a young man got married without seeing her.

He first saw his wife in the living room.

But as soon as he opened his wife's veil, he became depressed.

You see, his most desired wife is not Ruposhi, but black.

So he left his wife's room.

Sadly, he never returned to his wife.

Her name is #Amer_Bin_Pineapple.

Eventually the wife herself went to him.

Dear husband said, Ogo!

Whatever you dislike,

Maybe that's where your welfare lies, come on.

Then go to #Amer's wife and spend the night in the living room.

But looking at his wife's ugly face during the day, he gets upset again.

Sadly, #Amer left home this time.

Move far away, to another city.

Meanwhile, on the night of Basar, his wife became pregnant,

He did not keep the news.

# Mango spends twenty consecutive years abroad.

Twenty years later he returned to his hometown.

At first, the favorite near his home

Entered the mosque.

Upon entering, he saw a handsome young man offering a touching sermon on the Holy Qur'an.

And the people full of huge mosques are building it in their hearts with absolute attraction.

Amer heard his heartfelt applause

The heart melts.

# When people want to know the name of this talented commentator, they say,

This is #Imam_Malek. (Allahu Akbar)

# Mango wants to know again,

Whose son is he? People said,

This area is the son of a man named #Amer bin Anas.

Who left home twenty years ago,

He did not return.

Emotional #Amer to Imam Malek

Came and said,

Take me to your house.

But I will not enter your house without your mother's permission.

I will stand at the door of your house.

You go in and tell your mom,

A man is standing at the door.

He told me,

Whatever you dislike,

Maybe that's where your welfare lies.

Upon hearing this, Imam Malik's mother said,

Run, O Malik!

Bring him in with respect,

He is your father.

He has returned after a long absence.

This is that virtuous mother,

Who is a child-bearing craftsman like Imam Malik (Rah :).

So not by beautiful women,

The world is enlightened through virtuous and pious women.

#Amen #

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