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Since the accident ,,,,,,

Sarmin slowly met his eyes.

He is lying in the hospital bed. Bandage on head and right hand.

I felt a lot of pain in my head.

The nurse standing next to him. Seeing Sarmin's eyes match, the nurse went outside and found Sarmin

The father said to the mother:

Come on, the patient's consciousness is back.

Wiping away the tears, Sarmin's parents sat down next to her daughter.

Mom: How are you feeling now mom?

Sarmin: A little better, but it hurts a lot.

Dad: Don't worry mom! You will get well soon!

In sha Allah!

Sarmin: Where is your son-in-law? Tell me what happened to her mother?

Mother-in-law got a little hurt in her leg. First aid has been given. I have been here for so long, I went home a little late to see your knowledge return, will come back after a while.

Sarmin can't find peace in her mother's words. Her tension is not for herself, but for her husband. A devout husband who is an absolute blessing for her. She does not want to lose this blessing. For a husband who feels a strange tension and love. She starts to squirm inside when her husband will come.

Praying in my mind, O God! You heal my husband and bring me back ...

Suddenly someone's voice interrupted his thoughts.

"Assalamu Alaikum"

Rakib saluted.

--Can I come in?

Mother-in-law: Walaikumus salam! Come on, Dad! I was talking about you. Sit down.

Father-in-law: That son-in-law Babaji! I'm in a hurry. Your mother brought food. Eat. I will come tomorrow.

Rakib: Dad! You don't have to bother. Mom! You go home too. You are a patient of pressure. You need to go home. I am enough to take care of him. In sha Allah! "You will not take any tension.

Mother-in-law: Well! All right, Dad! I will come tomorrow morning. Looking at Sarmin, I left the house empty. I will come in the morning. Don't worry mom! I'll be fine.

Sarmin nodded in agreement.

The mother-in-law went home.

Amma has brought food in a tiffin carrier next to Rakib's bed.

In the meantime, Rakib's father and mother have also seen Sarmin. Many more relatives have come and seen it. However, no mahram in Gair was allowed to enter the ICU. Rakib was banned.

There is a pile of fruits brought by relatives on the side of the bed.

Leaning Sarmin on the bed and kissing her forehead ..

Rakib: How are you feeling now honey?

Sarmin: Good! This danger is yours for me today!

Rakib: No need to say that! All that God does is for the good of His servants. We could have had something worse!

Sarmin: 'God forgive me.'

Rakib washed some grapes and took them to the plate. He also cut two apples. Sarmin was watching everything silently.

Sitting next to Sarmin, holding a small apple close to his mouth, he said: Eat, you know!

Sarmin happily shed tears. What could be happier than her husband feeding her!

Rakib saw tears in Sarmin's eyes.

- You're crying! You got a big head injury, gold!

- No, husband! That's my happy cry! Do you love me so much?

- What are you talking about! If you are my wife, who will I love if I don't love you! Banana tree!

Rakib pulled Sarmin's nose a little and smiled.

-Hey! You are just feeding me! You eat a little.

--Oh! I am your spoon! The spoon loves to feed others. Not yourself.

- Then I'm your spoon. Give me some apples, I'll feed you.

He took some apples from Rakib's hand and fed them.

--Spoon is feeding her spoon. Rakib started laughing.

Sarmin also joined in the laughter.

At that time the call to prayer was heard.

Rakib gently grabbed Sarmin and laid her down and went to the mosque to offer prayers.

After the Zuhr prayers, Rakib sat in the corner of the mosque and recited the Qur'an for a while, recited the Durood, raised his hands and prayed to Allah for his wife's recovery.

He came to Sarmin's bed at the hospital and saw that Sarmin was awake.

Rakib: Don't pray?

Sarmin: Do you have to pray even in this situation?

Rakib: Hmm! God has made five obligatory prayers obligatory on every single adult adult male and female.

However, if he is ill, he can perform his prayers according to his position.

In Islam, Allah has not given any provision which is incapable of performing Bandah.

Sarmin: You are telling the truth! So how do I pray now? Don't teach!

Rakib helped Sarmin to get out of bed saying yes.

He took her hand and slowly took her to the bathroom and performed ablution.

Sarmin: Bandage on the left hand! How to wash it?

Rakib: It doesn't have to be washed, it can be turned into gold only if you massage it with wet hands on the bandage.

Sarmin: Really! The rules of Islam are really simple. Alas! How many prayers do I make up to stay healthy? "

Rakib puts Sarmin on the bed facing the Qibla. Then he teaches her how to pray with gestures. Sarmin prays.

After praying, Sarmin felt an indescribable peace in her heart. Meanwhile, Rakib opened the tiffin carrier and arranged the food on the plate.

Sitting next to Sarmin, he smiled a little and said: This is my queen!

Take it and start eating after reading the food duata! Your spoon appears!

Sarmin couldn't help but smile when she saw her husband's manner of speaking.

- Hey! Don't pretend! Why can you be a spoon! You are my husband! And yes, I don't know the prayer of food.

- What's in it! I'm in no grief!

Say, "Bismillahi Oala Barakatillah"

As soon as Sarmin spoke, Rakib put a Lokma food in Sarmin's mouth. Sarmin happily shed tears.

This is a strange feeling. A different feeling.

Rakib said while feeding: You know, it is also circumcised for a husband to feed his wife. The work of thawab.

The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, ‘You will get a good reward for whatever you spend for the sake of Allah. Lokmar even handed it over to his wife

In return. "

Sarmin looked at her husband's face for a while in fascination. As much as she sees, her mind is not full. In her heart, she gives thanks to Allah.

Sarmin: Hey sir, only feed your wife! It won't happen! No, yes, I'm feeding you too.

Rakib smiled and said with a big ha, Joe Hukum Maharani! Yes, I did!

- If you eat like a boiled fish in this way, my hand will eat it clean, said Sarmin, putting food in her husband's mouth and smiling.

This is how the two of them finished eating.

Rakib got up and wiped his hands and face with the towel. The nurse had already told him the rules for taking medicine.

After three days, Sarmin recovered from the hospital and returned home. For these three days, Sarmin felt that she was in paradise, not a hospital. Her husband has always cared. Her husband was at her service day and night, sacrificing her own comfort.

As soon as he thinks about it, he is surrounded by a lot of shame. Unknowingly, a lot of respect and love is born in his mind towards the man.

A few days later, Rakib's father and mother came to Sarmin's house.

Sarmin's father told his mother that they wanted to formally take their daughter-in-law home.





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