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Kuailian: Ponzi Scheme of Masternodos

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2 years ago

Kuailian is said to be a company most likely operating under a fraudulent ponzi scheme, using the Masternodes as a smoke screen.

The entity is created with the aim that users obtain a benefit without the need to have investment knowledge.
Within the world of cryptocurrency investment, and its related figures, Kuailian is presented as an alternative to
obtain a certain profitability, without having to do more than place money and let it work for us.

In this case, it is not an Exchange, or a cryptocurrency broker, but a system that aims to be innovative and make profits based on the Ethereum network.
Through these Masternodes, automatic operations are carried out by which commissions are obtained for the services provided.
These commissions are obtained passively while the node is working and when it is created.

The creation of these nodes is very expensive and individually can require a large investment. Kuailian offers us an investment system
through which by providing an initial investment we will be entitled to the percentage benefits of our investment passively.
It is an investment modality, in which the interested person places an amount of money to acquire the software developed by that company.
This software is based on the technology of smart contracts (smart contracts) provided by the Ethereum network for your negotiations.
Thus, the Kuailian software invests in the masternodes (higher volume nodes) that allow validating those contracts and transactions that occur in the Ethereum network.

It sounds a bit complex, but in reality what this company does is that it invests in those nodes that have a higher volume of verification of transactions in the Ethereum Blockchain, consequently, for each verification that is made, a profit is generated, which is distributed among investors.
Kuailian is not mining
While the system is very reminiscent of the mining process (which also covers transaction verification), Kuailian makes it clear that it will not be necessary to use the power of our equipment to perform any mining operations. In reality, what it is about is putting money in the existing nodes to obtain a profitability based on their work.

As for the funds, it is worth remembering that the investment capital will be retained for the 1000 days of validity of the Token Kuai, which means that, for more than two and a half years, it will not be possible to request the refund of the capital.
On the other hand, regarding the collection of benefits, they can be withdrawn on a daily basis and transferred to the Ether wallet indicated by the user.
What is Kuailian's minimum deposit?
Kuailian's minimum deposit is $ 100, but there is a $ 50.95 registration fee. The deposit cannot be withdrawn until 1000 days have passed.


A Tulip Research study has focused on analyzing the functions that Kuailian, a supposed investment scheme in Master Nodes.


Kuailian is a company that has received a total of 371,522 ETH, equivalent to $ 76,440,651 (Data as of May 24, 2020)
Incoming money on the platform ends up in a centralized exchange where its public traceability is lost, despite defining itself as the most transparent platform in the world.

Registration is only available through referral links known to the company as a "compensation plan," offering periodic passive income for recruiting new members.

According to the information provided on its website, Kuailian offers two types of private software licenses to invest in masters
through its pool, which they refer to as the "smart pool", supposedly based on machine learning.

To qualify to purchase licenses and become part of the "ecosystem," users must first pay $ 50.
Each license costs the equivalent of $ 100 in ETH (the currency of Ethereum) and there are two types of licenses:
Low Risk and Medium Risk.
Low Risk licenses offer 6% monthly profitability, while Medium Risk licenses offer 17% monthly profitability.

For each Medium Risk license you want to buy, you must have previously purchased three Low Risk licenses (3: 1).
The $ 100 that each license costs cannot be recovered until 1,000 days have elapsed.
The rewards generated are collected each day directly to a wallet that the "investor" indicates. Those "benefits" come to belong to him.
It is NOT recommended to use this investment method.

Several absences of regulation and a fraudulent registration leave the entity as a possible Scam.
Kuailian aims to be another one of many Pon scheme-based scams

Kuailian aims to be another of many Ponzi scheme scams that have been and will be in the crypto environment.
They are trying to sell a plan which is far from legal and investor protection. But, with its promises, unreal.
Has an impossible business plan proves to be an unstable one that in the short term does indeed pay, but in the long run it is likely that he will stop paying one day alleging "less than optimal market conditions" as many similar ponzi schemes have done in the past. .
In the end you decide where to invest your money, you have the decision, find out and make the best decisions for your future

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2 years ago
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Your information on Kuailian is a good one. It is a red flag to everyone eyeing investment in that website. Thanks.

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2 years ago

Yes! Since this enterprise was launched I heard a lot of bad things about it and then when I analyzed it seems like a scam , let´s wait until will be 100% proved

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2 years ago

Yes, there many of such scamming sites out there. We just need to be careful so as not to be victims. Thanks.

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2 years ago