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My Interview Experience

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10 months ago

Note: You can laugh(if you want)

I'm a very shy person, if you must know. I talk a mile a minute when nervous. Apparently, I'm not good with interviews and I'm not good with meeting new people as I don't know what to say to them nor do I know how to act around them.

I'm a freelancer by the way, I do data entry jobs for over 12 years to date. Most of my interviews done via chat, so excuse me if I have verbal diarrhea with video calls and audio calls.

Did I mention I'm shy, yet? Oh, I have up top. :))

Previously this year, I think it was in March or April, sometime between those months, I had an offer. Oh, I excelled at the preliminaries, I always do. Not to brag of course(smirk if you like). They like what I did with my build and stuff, in fact they said I have set the standard for the kind of work they want done. Unfortunately, I'm shy of exposing my beautiful self in the camera(I forego with the video cam and went on with the interview with audio only), thus I didn't get the job. They offered it to someone else.

Here's what I'm really thankful for though, early May, thank God for the invitation to bid, which I gladly took and made offer immediately, I got another interview. This one, I mustered the courage to face my enemy(myself of course), I mean my interviewer.

I wished so hard that I can use my Grammarly so bad. I happen to perspire and stutter when nervous. Are some of you like me?

I was talking to the CEO and the Department Manager and I was switching from British to Filipino to American accent. ahhahaha! They must be wondering what on earth is wrong with me. Blessings though because they understood me. Pat on the back please! I got the job despite my meaningless talks about why I ended up with Data Processing when I graduated with a Bachelor in Computer Studies. (There's nothing wrong with that, I love what I do). I told them, I didn't want my course as my Ma chose it for me and I didn't have a choice since she's the one who financed my education, blah... blah... blah...(p.s.Don't ever blame your parents for your choices in life, no one can force you to do something you don't want to)

Anyway, suffice it to say, I'm now in my almost second month on the job and I love my boss and my work. Period.

I'd like to say that just be confident during interviews but no matter what I say, the nerves will always play. All you have to do is wing it and pray hard you'll get through and be able to prove you're worth a try.

Blessings everyone from a newbie like me.



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Written by   9
10 months ago
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