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My Husband Left Me for Richard Gomez While I Was in Labor(A funny story)

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5 months ago

Okay, the title sounds awful but trust me on this one, it's not.

This happened on October 26, 2011.

Have you ever been a fan of an actor or actress and you were given the opportunity to see them face to face?

Well, this is a true story about my husband.

It was October 25th in 2011, when I was rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night to OSPA- Farmers' Medical Center in Ormoc City, Leyte, Philippines as I was in labor for my fourth child.

To those who have children, you know the drill.

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You were in pain as contractions occur in longer intervals till they get shorter and then that's when it's time to deliver your baby.

Of course, it took a while for my baby to say hi to the world, thus I was placed in the labor room first.

While I was in the labor room, I'm not the type who'd cry while in pain. I have a strong tolerance for pain. In fact, my husband never saw me cry over giving birth to any of my children. No judgment here for those who'd howl like monkeys or like wolves as they do. (Sorry for the joke)

Back to being in the labor room. I needed a few things for the baby as I wasn't really expecting to give birth at that time (it was still a week away supposedly). My husband ran some errands to buy stuff for me at the hospital's pharmacy when he happened to see his idol. Hahahahha! Trust me, he knows his man when he sees him.

To those who lived in the Philippines, you must know Richard Gomez, right? Of course, you do. He was and still is a great actor and famous too. He wasn't the mayor of Ormoc then yet.


Richard happened to be in the vicinity for whatever reason and my husband, being the fanatic that he is followed him to get a glimpse. Hahahah! (Even though he met and had a picture taken with Richard Gomez prior to this at his old company). He forgot to buy the stuff needed and even forgot about me for a while. He said he went after Richard, just gazing at him like a creep (joke only) and totally zoned out the reason why he's in the hospital in the first place.

It was a funny experience for me and for him. I was oblivious to all these since I just got carried to the delivery room to give birth to my baby as he was chasing after his idol. It took him a while to get back to our room where he found out I was already carted for delivery. :))

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I don't begrudge him that. It wasn't the first and it won't be the last, given the opportunity. As after we moved to Ormoc City, he joined a marathon just to run with Richard Gomez. hahahahah! I found it actually adorable of him. We laughed hard on this.

(Photo Credit: Pexels)

Being a fanatic is not really bad. He knows his limits and I know he adores me more than his idol. In the off chance I'd be given a chance to see Brad Pitt personally, I'd probably leave my husband to run after Brad. (Just for a bit).

Thansk for reading until next time.

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Written by   9
5 months ago
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That is one fanatic husband you got there lol! Maybe I should write about my experience with Azkals lol! That's the one time that I got fanatic.

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5 months ago

hahah! I bet it will be a great article to read.

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5 months ago