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Looking for a job is easy but landing one is hard

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5 months ago

Warning: Serious talks and personal takes(God is also part here), prepare for boredom ... And please if you disagree, the point is, I'm writing about my experience. :))

I've been on a particular platform for more than 12 year as a freelancer.

For some, 12 years is not that long, right?

Well, I was jumping from one job to another for 6 years, mind you. I had a regular job prior to marriage working at the Department of Education Office for over a year and six months in our locality. After I got married, my husband and I decided to relocate away from our place which is impossible for me to travel to and fro since it's an island away.

The shift wasn't easy. I got married at 23 and we weren't thinking clearly for sure during that time that we'd come back to our hometown eventually. A year after, pregnant and no job, we re-established ourselves in a city nearby. It was humbling for me, to completely rely on my husband. After I gave birth to our first born, we realized that both of us need jobs if we are to survive, so I tried to apply to companies within the city limit. (We had a nanny to take care of our baby and grandparents to help)

At that time, it was easy to get a job, for me at least. I was jumping from one job to another, I had about 6 jobs in a total of almost 3 years from 2004 to 2007. It was exhausting because I can't simply keep a job for reasons ranging from nannies going home, helpers and whatever reasons keeping me from a career outside our home. So I stopped working eventually. I was fed up.

There comes a point in your life where God sends someone to help you make a step, just one step. This cousin of mine kept on bugging me to try a platform he's trying as well. It's a platform for freelancers looking for a job and small business owners who want to hire people in short stints or long ones.

I kept saying no, kept looking for excuses not to sign up for this online job platform(since my working experience was always cut short), plus I had no internet connection, so that was that. It was in 2009. My cousin was relentless! He brought me a job, hired me for himself as subcontractor and let me connect to his Wi-Fi. hahahah! I had no way to say no. Thus my journey as a freelancer began.

I made an account in oDesk thinking I could get hired right away as I was told by my other cousin who's in the same platform that there are easy jobs to take on. Hahaha! Little did I know that landing a project is not that easy.

You know PERSISTENCE? Well, he's a great character to befriend and PERSEVERANCE and PATIENCE too. If you don't have these traits, forget freelancing.

I may have a degree but I was jobless for a long time, my confidence was so low. But I know I'm good at something, I worked on that, enhanced and capitalized my skills.

You know what I did in oDesk or now Upwork?

  1. I made my rate a $1 per hour. A dollar per hour in the Philippines at a time where the freelancing industry wasn't a hit yet is big and commodities and other company's salaries are still cheap.(Upwork nowadays has a $3 hourly, I'm not really sure though as my current job was an offer)

  2. I made Google my best friend. - Everything I don't know, I Googled and studied on my own.

  3. I applied to so many projects - of course with the niche I'm good at.

  4. I persistently waited at dawn since most projects are US, Canada, UK and Australia based-this is when fresh projects are posted mostly.

  5. Youtube is a great teacher too.

  6. Create a profile that's eye-catching. (But be real guys, it's not good to put something in there that you know nothing about)

(list is random by the way, for the sake of my originality. hahahaaha!)

But for all these, what I learned was, to be able to land a job, you need to PERSISTENTLY APPLY, PERSEVERE AND BE PATIENT.

I got rejections upon rejections, perhaps over 60 rejected proposals during my time before I landed on a project. I'm a mom of 3 in 2009 with no job, relying on my husband for everything. I made it my mission to get that one project to start my career and boom! A particular website owner took a chance on me and hired me.

It's not an overnight success, it takes guts, persistence, perseverance and patience. All these traits I didn't have until I experienced having nothing to loose when I was jobless.

Re: Earnings, don't worry I'm getting higher pays now. But a lot of Filipinos don't have jobs, so if you're looking for one, freelancing is available or Virtual Assistant jobs. Just encouraging wives and ladies out there. I'm not going to drop websites or platform names here, sorry about that. But as I mentioned in #2 above, make Google your best friend.

So perhaps to those looking for a job, don't give up easily. Just hang in there and just do your thing. Keep on applying and keep on learning, JOB will come your way, EVENTUALLY.

See you again, later!

BTW: All Glory and Honor belong to God for without Him I wouldn't have the courage to face my obstacles(Me being shy and all as previously mentioned in my other writings), for giving me a job and giving me wisdom on approaches to job applications and learning new tasks.

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Written by   9
5 months ago
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