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Just a No Title Write-Up (I’m all over the place, I know)

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5 months ago

My mom’s an educator majoring in the great sciences of chemistry, biology and physics. Not a scientists but she’s my model. She was the one who introduced me to reading.

She was such a learned person that I loved talking to her, she is my bestest friend. She’s smart, bright and such an intellectual being that I really love her for being so. She’d talk to me from the simplest things to more complex matters but “never has she ever tutored me at all”.

Now mind you, we speak English at home. My ma and me. Here in the Philippines, when you speak English, people will call you OA or over acting. They won’t like you at all, talk behind your back and speak ill of you. At a younger age perhaps, they’d get me. I’d cry buckets when excluded from talks and perhaps insulted when I speak among so called friends.

Well, never mind them. Now back to where I was.

Do you know that my Ma is my greatest rival in the vocabulary games like Boggle and Scrabble? Ha, she always outwits me. Thus the reading began.

Science Encyclopedia

My Ma bought me a set of Science Encyclopedia at age 9. Well, I do love to read but it can be boring sometimes. The good thing about these books is that they have pictures. You can’t be bored with pictures, I’m glad they have those otherwise my interest would have waned.

Reader’s Digest

This is pretty common in our household. She has a subscription to such, so a monthly copy arrives at home promptly. She told me, I tore all her copies when I was but 3 years old. (Maybe this is why the digests fascinated me)


A to Lobar, Lobate to Z, the two hardbound dictionaries we had at home. I had to read if I am to beat her at our game. Boring stuff but I did it anyway. New words fascinate me.

Mills and Boon

Aunts are great sources of such. Thanks to my Ma’s sister, she gave me her collectibles of Mills and Boon paperbacks.

Harlequin Books

Same source, my dear aunt.

Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys paperbacks and so on and so forth, books became my thing of the night.

When I reached college, my excess allowance can only be spent in two things, books and food. Those are the love of my life.

In the past, nobody caught my attention because nobody knows I’m a bookworm and a food-lover. Perhaps I’m hard to read? Hahhaha!

When I got married and had kids, I found a great source of my reading. I love the World Wide Web. Trust me, I loved it so much because, Tan-Tada-Daaaaan! Free reads online. Online books for free, where I don’t need to pay a dime to read. Oh how I loved it that I spent my nights zombie-like. Hahahah! Amazing source of history and other stuff. Book-based movies, trust me, I’ve read them prior to being made into film. There may be a few I missed but only “A FEW”. Guys, don’t be like me though, when I start reading, I’ll never let go a book unless it’s done. So hello, insomnia!

Learning new words is fun and understanding nuances too. Never mind our games, it was just a trigger point, my step up. The point of origin to my virtue and my vice.

Oh please, don’t judge me. I’m so over it though. I had to stop it as it has come close to obsession and addiction. I’ve never neglected my children and never my work too. Though I neglected myself in the process.

I’d better stop here as my purpose in this write up is to just write about how I was at learning vocabulary and stuff. Perhaps these days, books are taboo since everything’s available on film, in Youtube and any social media sites. I just would love to share though that there was a time when books are cool too and a great source of learning.

I’m period-ing here for now. I do hope our little talk can be something good for you.


Bye for now!

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Written by   9
5 months ago
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Haha, books can really make you learn a lot of words. You're fortunate you have encyclopedias. I've never read one until I got to college years ago. Haha.

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5 months ago

@TheRandomRewarder even though you're a bot but I still thank you for visiting my post. :)) Well, I know you can read this so yeah, thank you again!

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5 months ago

I miss those insomnia days lol! My friends influenced me reading Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew and yes Sweet Valley High and Kids. The most books of an author I have read is Josh Grisham. We did have Reader's Digest then when my brother won a free subscription and then he renewed for a year I think before stopping. However, reading has dwindled to none over the years. Reading makes me sleepy now. The only reading I get now is through and noise which started some months ago. I hope I can start reading a book again.

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5 months ago

Insomnia is really bad for the body. :)) But reading is also good for your soul. hahah! John Grisham is awesome, Dan Brown as well. I got into heavy stuff, romance and historical romance are quite adult-y. hmmm. Have you tried? If you watch in Netflix, there are a lot of series which are adopted from books. You should check out online though, lots of online library to consider, although the pages of a paper back or hard bounds differ greatly due to the fact that we can smell and feel it. :) Happy reading!

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5 months ago

@Panky: Thanks for upvoting. You, Charlie and Emily are awesome! I'm a fan!

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5 months ago