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First Day at "Read Cash"

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3 months ago
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How did I come across this platform?

While I was scrolling my Facebook application I came across a post that said, "What is your first earning and how did you earn it?"
There, I found a comment from one of my contacts. He said he had earned almost 290$ in just two months.
Bravo! He is a nursing student and earned a healthy amount from here.
It intrigues!
I texted him on Whatsapp and demanded more information about this platform. His response was quite positive and thrilling.
I am happy that he guided me to take on an adventurous journey. The question is, "why did he not tell me before about it?"

Who I am?

I am Shahroz Qasim. I am a student od Doctor of Veterinary and Medicine. I love animals, and you would surely witness this fact from a featured photo presented below. Yeah, this is a stray dog and we seized it to perform some veterinary experiments on it.
Poor soul!
Well, as far as my hobbies are concerned, I take a deep interest in content writing. I am fond of Ping Pong. Believe me, I am gonna defeat you quite badly. The most intriguing aspect is that I love to be a volunteer. I have joined some non-profit organizations which are involved in the welfare of common people.
I think that's enough from my side.

My research on "Read Cash"

My second approach was to google it and find more facts to know it better. There, I caught the sight of an article titled "7 ways to earn in Read Cash." It was pretty much engaging and informative. You all are aware of the dreadful effects that COVID-19 has left on our society. Keeping in view to it, my institute is closed. We're taking our classes on Google Meet App.
Well, I am pretty much sure now that I have chosen an adventurous path that will boost my earning. Is it so?
I am gonna write here regularly to gain the attention of community members. For this, I have to put my best to gain the best. I have to craft engaging and informative content to gather the audience.

Your Views

To cut it short, I am looking for a healthy community. This will help me to share y views and learn from the views of others. And this matters a lot, you know. To be honest, this platform provides a magnificent stage for the members to build their express their emotions and thoughts. I see it in my community that our actions are influenced by both emotions and thoughts. Extreme emotions lead to devastating consequences. A good human being should focus his thoughts and nourish them to surpass all the barriers.
PS: I am anxiously waiting for suggestions and responses from your side to grow here.

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Written by   1
3 months ago
Topics: Life, Experiences, Writing, Story, Blog, ...
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