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Finally, The Last Day of the Week

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1 month ago
Topics: Philippines, Diary, Life, 2021

Good Day Guys

Let me share with you guys how my day went, I was sleep-deprived when I woke up. Luckily, after getting ready, my parents brought me to work. I usually let them drop me at a certain point if it's early so I walked. On my way to work, I took a photo of this flower.

When I got to my department I was the one who unlocked the door. I went to one of the rooms where I usually stay because I wanted to check if my earphones were there. As I opened the door, the first thing that caught my eyes was this kitten. In my mind "Why the heck is there a kitten here?" So the first 30 minutes of my day was just trying to lure this kitten to go to the box. It was a bit tricky because there were a lot of hiding places below the bed. I was lucky that it ran to a corner with open space, I immediately trapped it and placed it inside the box. After all that commotion, I saw my earphones. I was wondering how did it enter, I noticed that there was a hole in the side of the ceiling. It probably fell from up there going to the room. Our chief just told us to release it outside.

Last Thursday, we received a lot of referrals so I was anticipating that it would be toxic today. I checked the computer to see if all the patients were still there. We were so lucky because 2 patients were discharged over the Holiday. One of our doctors endorsed us on what to do with our patients. We also texted our other doctor who has patients and the doctor told us that she's going to check the new referral before we treat him.

We then got ready to go and treat our patients. Until now, the elevator isn't still working because it's under maintenance for over a month already. It really sucks to climb a lot of stairs if you're coming from the basement. The one that I hated the most is when we have to bring up the wheelchair because we have to pass by the ramps. I also feel bad for the transport aides. I hope that they fix this soon.

We were going to patient one and was on the 3rd floor already, and I realized that I forgot to bring the walker and the quad cane. I had to run back down and run back up. When I got to the patient one of my other colleagues was already taking his Vital Signs. We couldn't treat patient one because he was having a fever. His temperature was 38.3 degrees celsius. We texted the Doctor and the doctor told us to defer him. We went to patient 2 but we couldn't go inside because the watcher said that they were changing her diapers so we decided to go to patient 3. Patient 3 suffered from a stroke, I really feel bad for him because he couldn't even talk. We made him do short sitting. After that, we went back to patient 3. Patient 3 was also a stroke patient but I think that it was a mild one because she could still move her arms and legs though she still feels the weakness. We went 2 rounds with the walker then we progressed her to using a quad cane. She was able to ambulate with no problem. She's about to get discharged the next day.

We went down to our department and disinfected. We were waiting for the text of our doctor and hoping that she'll do her rounds so we could finish all our patients in the morning. When I received the text it was around 11:40 already so we couldn't treat him. We ate lunch and we were only a few staff present. Originally we are usually 6 in our department on Saturdays but one took a leave and the other one had to quarantine because he was exposed to someone who had covid.

After lunch, our doctor told us to go back to patient 1 and mobilize him because his pneumonia was getting worse. When we went to patient 1 he had no fever anymore so we treated him and we were able to mobilize him. We then went to our last patient who was in the ICU. This guy was really jolly and it was fun treating him. We asked him if he wanted to go home but he said he didn't like to because he still doesn't feel well. He was saying that the people who are taking care of him are beautiful. We couldn't do much because his Blood Pressure was unstable but we exercised his extremities just to make sure that he won't develop contractures on his weak side. Finally, we were done treating all our patients. We were just waiting for it to hit 4 pm so we could go out.

After work, I had to go to one of my patients who was discharged. I asked my mom to bring me to their house. It was my first time going to this place. I was able to find their house. My patient just had a hip replacement. I just wanted to see the conditions of their house and remind her what not to do and what to do. It was really fun talking to them. We were talking about life and family. I had to extend my stay there because I was waiting for my mom to pick me up because they were coming from church.

When we got home, we ate dinner. I took photos of these two on the couch. It's always amusing to watch them play.

Here's Pierre biting a slipper. I was trying to get it from him but he wasn't releasing it. So I was taking photos of him. Look at his derpy face that he produced. Finally, it's the weekend. I hope that you guys will enjoy it!

Thanks for reading and Stay safe always!

The photos used in this post are owned by me .


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Written by   133
1 month ago
Topics: Philippines, Diary, Life, 2021
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Agreed. Weekends are the only way to get rid of hectic routine.

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1 month ago

That's really true! thank you so much for dropping by!

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