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Beautiful Sunday- An Enchanting Baguio Christmas at Burnham Park!

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3 years ago

After eating dinner with my cousins my brother and my friend. We decided to go to Burnham park to go for a walk and enjoy the sites. Burnham Park is the most popular park in Baguio City. This whole park total land area is around 32.84 hectares.

It was named after Daniel Hudson Burnham who is an American architect. Most of the park's features were mostly from him. He was also responsible for some designs/ plans for this City.

Here's a photo of his bust and his plaque. I took these photos last year.

Burnham Bust
Burnham Plaque

Burnham has a lot of ares from the children's playground, Burnham Lake, the Skating rink, rose garden, Orchidarium, Igorot garden, Melvin Jones Grandstand, Athletic Bowl and Sunshine Park.

We stayed at Rose Garden which is the place where you can find Burnham's Bust. When we went here there was a bazaar wherein it full of stalls that were selling items. I'm surprised that it was still lively even if it was 10 in the evening. Here are some of the stalls like Ongkoleyt where you can buy a lot of chocolate for a fair price.

As you can see it was coruscating from all the Christmas lights. There were a lot of tourists because the weekend was coming.

It was just so amusing to look at all the different lights,

They even setup some reindeer that were made out of wood.

There was a bear that was lost in the park which had a lot of poinsettias around it. This park is just so child friendly.

I was actually wondering what this thing was, it looked like a tent with plants underneath it. We were jokingly saying that this was the Christmas tree.

Here are some closer shots of it. You cannot actually go there up close because there were chains around it. This was the close that you could get.

This is Burnham Lake, You can actually rent a boat and go around the lake if you want but it only operates during day time.

I used google's night sight to take the photo below.

There were even some people who were having a picnic late at night and there was an instance where we saw people lying down on their banig( a handwoven mat normally used for sleeping or sitting on)

We saw some kids holding up some lighting balloons and my cousin was wondering where did they get that ballons. They found the stall that were making and selling them. It was this stall.

You can actually watch how they are making the balloons.

My cousin and his girlfriend got one for themselves. A balloon like that costs 220 php or that's around 4.33 United States Dollar. It was very colorful and you can change the modes of the light. Though while we were walking there were some mean kids that were mocking them for getting that balloon saying "Pang bata lang yan" in English they were saying That's only for kids but we didn't mind them because we were enjoying looking at the light that it produced while walking around.

If you look straight ahead from this photo, that building that you can see at the top is actually our City Hall.

I just loved how they made everything so vibrant to look at.

We continued walking back to the card and I took a photo of this pathway. It looks like a mirror image and my brother said that it looked trippy. Those things in the middle were so bright, that we wanted to look closer what it was.

This is where you can rent a Swan boat

This is the place where you can rent a bicycle, there are 2 seaters and 5 seater bikes.

I can't imagine walking in this place alone at night, there's a probability that you could get mugged.

One funny thing before getting back to the card was this ramp, I was wondering how could you use the ramp at the left if the edge is already coming off. I hope that they fix that soon.

Hope that you enjoyed our mini adventure. Thanks

for reading and enjoy the last month of the year!

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Written by   161
3 years ago
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