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3 weeks ago

What's Up?

So I start with the publication of my Flash Comments. As Miss @SaraEscribe advised me, the minimum for an article here is 600 words, so I've made the decision to combine several small comments and kill two birds with one stone. I meet the minimum quota, speed up catching up and save you from possible spam. Ok, that would be three things, but it doesn't sound right "three birds with one stone".

Ad astra (James Gray - 2019)

Synopsis: "A traumatized astronaut, receives a high priority mission to destroy an object (sent on a previous mission) that is causing certain anomalies. And there may be the possibility that his father (jede from the previous mission) is still alive."

Talking about scenarios and effects all excellent. It's visually beautiful. The story, however, mattered little to me, because the protagonist and his trauma bored me. It's predictable in certain things and the ending.... Well, tastes vary.

Leap Year (Anand Tucker - 2010)

Synopsis: "A young woman, excited due to an old custom, decides to take a trip to Ireland to propose to her fiance, in leap year; although she will get more than one disappointment in the process."

A romantic comedy that fulfills all the clichés of the genre. All in all, it's always a treat to see Amy Addams on screen and, as a bonus in this film, the beautiful landscapes of Ireland.

The House with a Clock in Its Walls (Eli Roth / 2018).

Synopsis: "Lewis Barnavelt has been orphaned and must move into his uncle's house. He soon discovers that his uncle is a magician, as is his uncle's companion, Mrs. Zimmerman, and that the house they live in is no ordinary house and hides a mysterious danger."

It has moments of easy comedy as well as "horror" (let's take into account who it is aimed at), but they clash so much that nothing ends up convincing. It's more boring than Goosebumps. Super predictable. And the villain is so cartoonish that you barely feel he could kick a dog. Good for a Sunday with nothing better to watch. Bonus points for the couch with a chainsaw.

Birdman (Alejandro G. Iñarritu - 2014)

Synopsis: "Michael Keaton as Adam West? Okay, seriously. A neurotic actor, whose peak role "Birdman" has stalled his career, decides to present a play with which he aspires to completely detach himself from the character and be recognized as a serious actor."

I've finally seen it. Quite an amusing critique/satire of commercial cinema and the elitism of theater. Tremendous effect of appearing to be filmed in one take.

I liked it, even if I can't explain it on a more cinematic way. Excellent (and I'm sure more than thought out) choice of Michael Keaton. I had a hard time recognizing Zack Galifianakis when he appeared on screen and wow! Emma Stone looks beautiful even as a newly rehabilitated drug addict 😍 what a beautiful girl, man.

Permineppt (Pierre Morel - 2018).

Synopsis: "An ideal family and total peace until the protagonist's daughter and husband (who was into something shady) are killed and hence she seeks to be the one to avenge those deaths."

It is usual to link Jennifer Garner with comedies or dramas and yet in this film she delivers quite well. I'd say she's on par with Zoe Saldana's Colombiana, but a far cry from Charlize Theron's Atomic Blonde. Not much else to highlight. A not so great or so boring revenge movie. It's all fine for a weekend with nothing better to see. The worst part of the movie was the "Cartel" (which doesn't even have a name). I haven't seen a group of thugs whose presence wasn't a threat for a long time.

P.S.: Never, ever, ever, ever mess with a mother. Kill a woman's couple and she will be hurt and angry like in Widows. Kill a mother's children and nothing will save you from her fury.

The Lego Batman Movie (Chris McKay / 2017)

Synopsis: "Batman, being Batman, Batmaning in Gotham City. Batman plans to get rid of the Joker once and for all and goes and gets the lightning bolt Superman has that opens a portal to "The Phantom Zone". Then the Bat-disaster ensues."

An excellent metareferential parody, almost on the level of The Lego Movie. And not only that, it is also one of the best representations of the character, his relationship with himself and his environment. The voice of Sergio Gutierrez in the latin spanish dubbing was missed.

And that's all for now. Until the next post.

Stay fresh.

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Written by   8
3 weeks ago
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