#WHATEVER_ (original poem)

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3 weeks ago

Lately, I’m so dizzy, but I still drink …

With my thoughts, far away and I think ...

Yes - our romance, it didn’t last forever,

still in love, you would say: "Oh, #Whatever_!"

Because I know, that you just didn’t care,

you, who love her, just be aware!!!

She will abuse you and you’ll be all alone,

her heart is made of steel, of ice and stone ...

Like us, you will doubt and start to think,

on the ground, humiliated, yes you will sink ...

I have warned you, my "rival" and my "friend",

because, you’ll be disappointed in the end ...


You can hear my original song #WHATEVER_ with a focus on a bass line. You won't notice that on mobile phone sound system: https://soundcloud.com/sasharaven/whateverinstrumental

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3 weeks ago
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