Sirius (original poem)

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2 months ago

So do I and you are – we’re just so foolish – ‘’blind’’,

a perfect love, which we seek, we'll never find ...

Your beauty, like our love, with years will fade away,

no matter what, I’ll be loving you, in every possible way ...

If it’s His will, we're going to be much wiser and so old,

let’s forget all these things, while we hear the - Fields of Gold ...

We stare into the Space, ours, every, single night and I dream,

always searching for a mighty star Sirius and the ''sacred'' stream ...

When the nights and the skies are covered with the clouds,

that beautiful star is in secrecy and the darkness shrouds ...

I want to slowly start a peaceful ''revolution'' in my head,

don’t have a lot of time, with poetry I “earn” my daily ''bread'' ...

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2 months ago
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