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Blockchain (original poem)

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4 months ago

I’m lost – in all my memories, people from the past,

how much longer, in my brains they'll last?

They're gone forever, I have my virtual friends,

in the Blockchain technology, my heart just mends ...

Blockchain’s watching me, all day long, at my computer,

I have found her on the ''net'', no one is like her – or cuter ...

I’m investing my wage into the one cryptocurrency,

trying to escape from this misery – it’s like an emergency ...

It wears his name – of my favorite poet, hoping it’s the future,

will repair this hole of mine, like a dressmaker – or a suture ...

I have really enough of all this misery, I just need to pray,

there’s still left some hope for me – look – the morning ray ...

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Written by   8
4 months ago
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