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Attitudes towards life.

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3 months ago

"Attitude is everything" is a well-known phrase, but what does it really mean? Attitude is your disposition and your mood when facing certain situations or experiences. Attitude towards life is something that marks your experiences from the inside. It is so important that it is worth spending some time reflecting on it. When you talk about attitude towards life, what you really want to emphasize is your general attitude, your spirit of self-improvement, your general vision of what life offers you and what you can get from it.


The following phrases that point to certain life attitudes will be helpful to you:

- "There is no such thing as defeat, there is no such thing as failure, there is no such thing as bad or good. There is no such thing as duality. We will notice that these are only definitions that the mind launches from judgments and opinions about actions we take and experiences we possess.

- "If you long to see change it is important that you take action." That is why commitment to practice is important, and being disciplined with your general attitudes.

-You have everything you need to get what you want. Within you there is a space of infinite potential, unlimited creativity and extensive wisdom. It is all waiting to be discovered by you.

-Give it your all. Always give 100% and a little more. Give more than you are used to, get out of your comfort zone and commit yourself.

-Your external world is a reflection of your internal world. If there is judgment inside you, you will only see, hear and experience judgment in your day to day life. Your outer world is like a mirror image projected from your inner world.

-Everything happens for a reason. If you reflect a little, you will see that everything you have gone through in life has led you to be who you are today, which is, in turn, the stage for who you will be tomorrow.

-Silence as a platform of Life". Silence is like a calm ocean, an empty space that surrounds, contains and is Life itself; an inner peace incomprehensible to logic.

-If you follow these teachings, you will be a Light in the world". This is only the beginning but it will allow you to perceive the infinite potential that awaits you. Your life, every experience in it, is a gift. You are a gift; you are that which you have sought all your life.

Attitude greatly influences how you act, but also what emotions you feel when you act. It is also selective about your attention, that is, it determines what you pay attention to and what you ignore.

A negative attitude towards what life has to offer causes you to focus on the bad and the good to pass you by without you knowing how to value it. There is no worse way to miss an opportunity than because of your attitude.

A positive attitude towards life is key to enjoying it. Your attitude stipulates what kind of thoughts you will have about the events you experience and how you will act upon them. Therefore, it is also part of the elements that modulate motivation.

Even if you do not yet fully understand, and from your personal experience, the meaning of them, do not worry; go ahead and apply them in the corresponding situations, both with yourself and in your interaction with others. You will see that they will bring light to your path. Allow your consciousness to be purified; you will be an example that will invite others to remember what they have ignored about themselves: that they are not slaves or servants, but Royalty! You will help them, too, to reclaim the throne over their minds and live as kings and queens on Earth.

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Written by   7
3 months ago
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