Our Purpose Revealed

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6 months ago

The purpose of what we now do is revealed by our choices.

My purpose is not to recruit you,
or anyone else,
for any reason.

I write what I write
to help those of you
who have already recognized the truths self-evident
to see the paths laid out before us all.

This message is for all who embrace The-One-Law:

.No Being Shall Violate another Being.

My struggle to understand my purpose just ended
with a vision of what we are doing:
each of us, on our own path and time.

You may wonder:

+ What we are we doing here ?

+ What brings us together ?

+ What is our common ground ?

+ What is the purpose we are poised to achieve ?

None of our purpose is about

+ where you were born,

+ or who your ancestors were,

+ or any other circumstances that you emerged from over the years.

Our purpose arises solely from us exercising our "Free Will"
in moments when we choose to continue this path
rather than other, more popular, choices.

We are, all of us together,

a unique 'people' chosen exclusively by our own volitions,

enduring throughout our lives events that we survive,
with our intentions ever so slightly purified by our choices,
reinforcing our Empathy for Truth.

Our purpose arises from the choices we made along our journeys.

Your purpose is not identical to mine,
nor anyone else.

Your journey may be alongside others,
or your journey may be alone.

It is not necessarily your choice:

others may choose to accompany you,

for a time,

or forever,

or not.

Your journey is for your own 'soul',
not for anyone else - although it will inspire many.

But we -
any of you who have ended up here,
reading this,
can share the destiny that this moment in history approaches.

You were not chosen by anyone but by your own decisions and actions.

What you do during this moment in history
will empower all the choices you have ever made.

Every hard choice you have ever made in the right direction
will rejuvenate and empower your being as you have never imagined.

Your actions are a lesson to all those who behold you.

Your stories will be told forever to children you never imagined.

We are together weaving a tapestry of truth in a moment of crisis.

The beauty of your journey is
that it can go somewhere miraculous,
as you choose, and then act,
facing what is happening now.

We have not so much in common beyond the recognition
that there can only be The-One-Law.

.No Being Shall Violate another Being.

It is this recognition that
ends the aeons of personality cults that
have come and gone before us.

This is what we are doing.

We end the millenia of faith in personality disorders.

Personalities cannot hide from the light of The-One-Law.

The-One-Law reveals those who would Violate innocents.

No more worshiping cult figures,
or making statues and icons of forgettable names
from the eras of Ozymandias
to the current personality cults of modern mass media hypnosis.

Their hand-wavium of word-salad 'deceptions'
such as communism, socialism, capitalism, Marxism, etc.
are all revealed to be naked lies
when illuminated by the light of The-One-Law:

.No Being Shall Violate another Being.

This ends the reign by "Dark Triad" entities and organizations.

All that ends here, and now.

How ? ...you may ask.

What may seem so invincible
is, in fact, so fragile
when shattered by the voice of Truth.

It ends because you realize violence is,
and always has been,
all fake propaganda.

It ends when the light in your eyes is visible
when you speak of the power of consent and truth
over fear and violence.

I had no idea that the journey I embarked upon would lead here to this moment,

but I rejoice that I held my course until my purpose and path became clear.

What has been astonishing is how
truth unfolds like a complex puzzle
with each step along the way.

I end with this single point that I have realized I must share:

The transformation ahead will require every thread of effort to embrace.

We can become the creatures of Light we are
when we choose to transcend the limits
others try to impose upon us with their deceptions.

It is the struggle of actualizing our faith in Truth
against the lies others deploy in greed and malice.

If you have embraced the concept of The-One-Law,
then you are already prepared to recognize
that your existence exceeds the physical limits others teach.

You may have witnessed,
as some of us have seen with our own eyes,
the simple power 'presence' of The-One-Law can physically manifest.


You can certainly transform
from what others want you to appear to be limited to
into a creature of Light as you so choose.

When you embrace Truth,
the "atoms and molecules" of your being already embrace energy of truth.

When you speak from within Truth,
your being becomes the light of the Truth you speak.

It is not a simple task
but it is a path beautiful beyond imagination.

Stay true to your self and embrace truth always.

You can add your voice to our effort to end tyrannies here:


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