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1 year ago
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I have been very carefully informed that

this particular Arabic script

may have translation issues that cannot be resolved:

This 'Bounty Call' intends to investigate

the aspects of how this translation works and fails.

That this was generated by simple translation software

means the usual errors in meaning and grammar apply.

That I expect - what I seek is the best way to improve this script.

I will pay a 0.1 BCH bounty to the Read.Cash account for

  • the first video posted here on Read.Cash

    which shows someone who:

    • carefully and comprehensibly speaks this script, in Arabic

    • pauses for a 5-second interval and then

    • proceeds to speak the script as translated into English.

  • The post must include the English translation written.

  • The proof of "first" will be the timestamp

    of the comment to this article which includes

    the URL link to the Read.Cash post.

  • Tips amy be given to anyone else on Read.Cash

    who posts discussion in English of the translation,

    (if they are linked in comments to this post).

  • I will definitely consider a follow-up award for

    a later video post with a different translation,

    provided the difference is carefully explained.

Thank you for your participation.

I hope to use your responses and information to improve

how the message of this channel

can be communicated through different languages.

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1 year ago
Topics: Arabic, Video, Translate
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Good job buddy.. informative dear..who are not know about this fact you share such a good thing every one..great my dear

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1 year ago

If the Arabic video Bounty is 0.1 BCH, then I think the American video Bounty will be 1 BCH. Am i right???

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1 year ago

Nice effort, but I do not know the Arabic language.
I just want to understand the script and how it translates.
I am not sure what you mean by American video bounty.

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1 year ago


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1 year ago