Gorgeous eye of the Germany, Moselle valley

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The Moselle Valley is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Germany with its layered vineyards, half-timbered medieval villages and towering castles around the Moselle River.

The Moselle Valley is one of the tourist attractions on the southwestern border of Germany, which is located between northeastern France and eastern Luxembourg. This valley was created around the Moselle River and is covered with refreshing vineyards, green hills and beautiful landscapes and villages with medieval buildings and baronial palaces. The atmosphere of the stone streets and the courtyards of the houses, which are full of the vineyards of the villages and towns around the Moselle valley, has given this region a unique beauty and freshness.

The Moselle Valley starts from the mountains of France and passes by the city of Trier and Koblenz. The city of Koblenz is located next to the great Ehren Breitstein castle at the confluence of the Rhine and the Moselle, and thus the most beautiful part of the Moselle valley is located in the southern gorge of Koblenz.

Ehren Breitstein fortress

The Moselle River passes through France, Germany and Luxembourg and flows into the Rhine River. The Moselle is the longest branch of the Rhine and the second navigable waterway in Germany. This region has the warmest climate in Germany, and the sun shines even in autumn, and the winter rarely freezes. The average annual temperature of the region is 10 degrees Celsius, and for this reason, it is considered one of the main grapes growing regions in Germany, this river flows for 195 kilometers between Trier and Koblenz and is considered a great destination to escape from the stresses of city life.

The products of its vineyards are very high quality and famous. The fertile valleys of this region have the most ideal soil and the most suitable weather conditions for planting grapes.

The Moselle Valley presents one of Germany's most stunning landscapes with its rows of beautiful, terraced vineyards, half-timbered medieval villages and legendary hilltop castles. You can visit the villages and small towns along the river by boating or taking a cruise ship on the Moselle, including Rodes Heim in the southern part of the valley and Drossel-Gassi with its back-to-back vineyards are some of the most popular towns in the Moselle Valley.

The city of Trier is a city on the banks of the Mosel valley, which is known as the oldest city in Germany and has been a Roman colony since the first century AD. A wooden bridge has been built over the Mosel River in the city of Trier, which is said to be related to the early creation of this city, which was built by the Roman government. From the growth rings of the tree trunks used in this bridge, the city can be attributed to 17 years BC.

The northern gate of the city called Porta Nigra, which was built in 160 ADs, the public bath of Barbara and the large amphitheater of the city are among the tourist attractions of the Moselle Valley. Koblenz is the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle and is best known for its monument to a united Germany. In this city, there are many castles and promenades along the river, and the products of its vineyards are very famous.

Porta Nigra gate


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