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Golden rock temple, Myanmar

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There is a golden rock in one of the states of Myanmar. This rock is known as one of the strangest churches in the world due to its location on a hill without any support. Every year, a large number of tourists travel to Myanmar to visit this magnificent temple.

Myanmar or Burma is one of the countries in East Asia. People in the Myanmar region believe in Buddhism.

Myanmar has several temples; One of the most amazing temples in this country is the beautiful golden temple called Golden Rock or Pagoda Kia Active, which is located on a granite rock.

Myanmar Golden Rock is located on a rock in our province, at an altitude of one kilometer above sea level. Buddhists in Myanmar consider the temple a sacred place and believe that if a person visits the temple three times a year, the doors of blessing and happiness will be opened for him. The term Kia Active in the Myanmar Indigenous language (Man) means "a temple in a cozy corner of the world."

Kia Active Temple is the third most important temple in Myanmar. One of the main reasons that distinguishes the Golden Rock from other temples in Myanmar is its special geographical location and the fact that the rock does not fall from the heights. In addition, the whole rock is made of gold. In fact, the gold material of the rock has made it one of the most beautiful temples in Myanmar.

The golden rock with a diameter of 15 meters, 8 meters high and weighing 611.5 tons is visible above the sky. This eye-catching rock is located on an inclined plane that the amount of collision of two rocks with each other is very small.

Researchers have suggested that in 581 BC, the king of Tiktad Hama decided to build the Buddhist temple of Pagoda Kia Active. According to another theory, in the 11th century AD, a native monk went to the king and asked him to build a temple based on this hair with a set of Buddha hair; He also built a temple of this magnificence.

In addition to the above, some research shows that the Didactive rock was originally part of a mountain and over time was eroded from its original location and placed on the edge of the golden rock without any strong support. These amazing features have turned this rock into a Buddhist shrine.

There are many stories about Myanmar's Golden Temple. In the following, we intend to mention two of them:

In ancient times, the golden rock hung between the earth and the air. And its distance from the ground was only the size of a small chicken. Over time, the dialectical rock got closer to the ground. Therefore, its empty space was allocated only for the passage of Quebec. Again, over time, this distance became shorter and shorter, leaving no space for a sparrow to cross. At present, this rock is left undecided between the earth and the air, and watching its distance from the earth's surface is so much that the human eye cannot see it.

Another legend states:

The Buddhist leader, known as the Buddha, once donated a few strands of his own hair to an ascetic named Tyke. Tyke also tied his hair in the middle of his hair to protect it from possible bites. But even with this action, he was not relieved that the tarmacs were safe. So he decided to go to the king of the time and ask him to build a shrine for these strands of hair.

The king had supernatural powers from the beginning of his birth; This divine gift was inherited from the mother of Shah Dokht and her alchemical father. The king accepted Zahid's request. Then, with the help of the Buddhist god of paradise, he found a rock in the depths of the sea and placed the rock in a wonderful place on Mount Kia Active.

As a result, the Buddha's magical and spiritual power has kept the temple from falling since then. It is stated in the mentioned legend; The boat used to transport the reef also became the stone of Pagoda Kia Akhtaban, 300 meters from the Golden Temple.

According to the Buddhists of our region, the massive golden rock has been strengthened by the Buddha's hair-pulling force, which has called for gravity to be an eternal struggle. The starting route to start the walk and reach the Golden Temple starts from the bottom of Kia Active Mountain. There are granite rocks in this route, each of which is located in a special position. Also, around the temple, there are two statues of lions as guardians of the temple.

A point on the Golden Rock has been identified by Buddhists as the Yatang. According to Buddhist tradition, when you reach this point, you should take off your shoes and walk the rest of the way barefoot. Also, the colorful entrances around the temple are closed by pilgrims and tourists who have gone to visit this rock.

The color of Myanmar's golden cliff changes to beautiful and varied colors of orange and red at sunset and sunrise as it reflects sunlight. Buddhists have a custom of reciting their hymns aloud at certain times. After composing religious poems, pilgrims present offerings to the Buddha. Buddhists are divided into men and women to prove their devotion to the Buddha. Because it is forbidden for women to touch the Golden Temple, and only men can cross the bridge and stick the golden lotus leaves on the rock as a praiseworthy and praiseworthy temple.

In March (from the last days of March to the beginning of spring), the night when the moon is full in the sky; It is known to our Buddhists as Tabang Day. Buddhists hold a unique ceremony around the temple on Tabang night. In honor of the Buddha, they immerse enthusiasm around the temple with 90,000 candles, fruits and colorful food.

There is no passage to reach this temple. However, pilgrims, tourists and Buddhists walk one kilometer every year to visit this magnificent temple. The first route is a normal walk, which is about one kilometer along the Yatang line. The second route is about 11 km to the cliff. The beginning of this route starts from Kinpoon village, which is for mountaineers.

In 1999, the Myanmar government built a smooth, paved road. The beginning of this route is designed at the end of the Yatang bus line. Also, porters have been prepared to take the elderly Buddhists to the Golden Temple, carrying the elderly to the bottom of the stairs.


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Written by   108
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Topics: History, Facts, Nature, Travel, Internet, ...
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Hey!!!!! I actually know about this I read it a month ago but I didn't know that the term Kia Active in the Myanmar Indigenous language indicates "a temple in a inviting corner of the world" so cool

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