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Windy Went Out Blog 1.0

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2 months ago

This past day wasn't good and many of our fellowmen are still starting from the disaster we all face. It was not easy to lose everything that you save and in just in a blink of an eye it was all gone. A new beginning in the middle of the month of November.

I went out this Wednesday to buy something that I can use and for my son as well. classes are still done at home. so I need this for him. A new Tablet for him for his online class. I hope he like it and no such game in this just for his class only..

He used my desktop for his study before but I need to use it also for my online work. That's why I need to buy him a new tab so he can study and I can work too. He has his grandmother with him in his class to ensure that he will focus on the class. We search for a good one and this is what we found.

I change my clothes when we go home because I want to and I like this t-shirt that I bought. Life is Blues. Ups and downs but like wheels we arent always down on the wheels. there will be a time that we are in a high position where we can see everything clearly.

Always be thankful and stay safe always. we are in the next chapter of our life do good and be good. Mi Amor

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I hope this gift will inspire your son to study more

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2 months ago

You are very cute Salma 😍😍😍

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2 months ago

Thank you dear. I hope you like my new article 😊

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2 months ago


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2 months ago