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2 years ago

Ohio Mi Amor ❤️❤️❤️

Today was a good day to start a new article that you may find helpful or not. It not an article though. This will be short. Read the Whole post Okay.

Have you notice that these following days are good. Our Moderator is doing good some users face what they deserve. I've been seeing a post, short post, shorticles about freezing points.

This can be found at your points questions mark. Tips and reasons have been given. No excuse nor questions regarding zero points or you call it Freezing Points. Check the guide given and do it.

freezing points are not created by readcash but users having no points and they called it this way.

Freezing points - No power users upvotes or Like all users may face this situation so don't feel like a victim for having this okay. This platform has a limit of spending per day which is $500 per day even more. And that amount won't cover the number of Users here. Just use a simple math dear.

  • Power Users Matter

  • We will have this Vice Versa effect often so don't be surprised if you see your point didn't move for many days.

  • Vise versa will be having points and no points.

  • You don't have points and other does have

  • You have points and others don't have

And If you notice also our points are being stopped at 6 am Philippines time and it will continue after the distribution of funds. based on my experienced though we maybe have a different experience or I am just wrong.

As mentioned by readcash He is a One Man working on this platform. having delays are normal its quite hard to work alone with not so good publishers. I am one of them. Having a fair point distribution is too hard.

If we can avoid these zero points.

  • Avoid publishing about points, views, and Subscribers because your not a moderator Your Not ReadCash

  • Avoid commenting such sub Exchange to avoid downvotes

  • Avoid publishing that can be asked in the support regarding in this platform

  • Avoid publishing a negative post even if you saw it as an awareness.

  • Consider the rules

  • Avoid creating multiple accounts ( dummy accounts )

  • Avoid doing a negative Article to others to avoid Evil Eyes

Don't do this.

  • Don't give your whole day here

  • Don't have to publish 10* or more articles

  • Don't need to comment every time

  • Don't short post nonsense

  • Don't change the platform base on what you want it to be

  • Don't be too good as if you're the supervisor

  • Don't repeat the same mistake

  • Don't upvote because she/he is your friend, close or Etc. be fair.

You should Do

  • Good article - this is the main key to get organic views and Like

  • Poems

  • Give good feedback on and have good feedback

  • Can't say a good word then stay silent

  • Give a suggestive opinion or comments

  • Do what makes your points boost

  • Do your part and don't overdo it our Moderator is working.

  • Memorized the guide given by readcash and you'll see big changes in your Points 😉 just visit his wall and search readcash as a user.

  • Do like what you Like

  • Attract power users to boost your points create an interesting title that will give curiosity and interest to others.


check this The Random Rewarder and give yourself a sense of peace.

In every issue, you may face ask the support first because he can only be the one to give you the right answers and not a user just like you.

The right time publishing your article.

  • 9 am

  • 11 am

  • 1 pm

  • 4 or 5 pm

  • 8 or 9 pm

Users at these hours are very active in Asian countries. You'll gain Organic Views, Likes, and Subscribers.

You may ask? Isn't this an article that can be ask it support?

  • Yes, it is. You can ask the support to have the best answer and read the rules over and over again.

That's all Mi Amor ❤️❤️❤️ don't be mad 😘 I am being frank here to make you a better user and author if you find this helpful then I'll be glad. Agin this is my observation and opinions these don't mean anything the last and right words goes to the owner and moderators of this platform.


Subscribe, Like and leave your Comments ❤️❤️❤️

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2 years ago


You got almost the important advised and suggestions on how to gain points.Yeah we need to do our role here and readcash will do their role, its good to know that they still going on how supposed to earn here by free just be consistent on the dos and donts in this platform, we all hoping that we got a fair reward and to enjoy more here in readcash,goodluck to us.

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2 years ago

I believe I'll be in the position were you are . Same with others 😁

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2 years ago

thankyou so much for this fully detailed article i learn a lot . im the one who have zero point in one week . i dont lose hope i believe that one day my points will increase not today maybe tomorrow. non i know that there will a good timing for creating and posting article .

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2 years ago

To be honest dear this is not fully detailed and I believe as long as you do your part and abide the rules if this platform your points will be back. I didn't experience that freezing points but I experienced the low points which is about 100 below. What I did is get the attention of power users. My low Points experience last for few days. So don't worry it will be back and give yourself a break from this platform. Being here 24/7 won't help.

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2 years ago

you must better to round and look for interesting article if you get hooked then click like share it if the articles you read will bloom as interesting then you also got points by interacting on it take note just read what you interest more so you can give relevant comment to make you more in topic

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2 years ago

freeze points have nothing to in funds limits distribution. and there is no such thing of freeze point. if your points is not moving means you made a repeated done or you only comment without reading the whole article. also one of the biggest factor is power user which could affect your points as well.

note : POINT VALUE DEPEND ON HOW MANY POINTS DISTRIBUTED A DAY. 500$ is divided by PTS distributed . that's how calculation so even they distribute 1 billion points is not problem it will only lead the value of points

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2 years ago

I see and I get what you want to say. Your opinion will be helpful if other users read it too. Thank you for dropping by. 😊every users have this different views even if we spoon feed them the reasons they will still ask the same and at the end only the support can give the best answer. I did my part and I hope I didn't over do it 😅.

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2 years ago

your welcome I'm happy to help.

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2 years ago

I've seen many articles stating what to do because of the points. I haven't seen article as detailed as this. I screen shot the important part of your article so that I'll have a guide. It would help a lot of users. Thank you so much

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2 years ago

I am very glad that it helps you in small way. You can email the support to get the best help you can have. They'll have the last say when it comes to issue regarding in this platform

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2 years ago

Absolutely right! hope that new users take a time to read this, really helpful

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2 years ago