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Does She Know Cryptocurrency? I Ask My Friend

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2 months ago

Whenever I post in my Facebook account that Related to cryptocurrency well, most of my posts are cryptocurrency Related and my business is about crypto too. I've seen most of my views are my friends and some are just friends inside Facebook.

They react to my post and that makes me happy because at least it got some likes and engagements. They say friends and relatives will be the first bot to believe and in you or believe in you will that's true because my friend and family are the first not to believe in me and I don't care as long as I earn in the right I've been posting in my social media accounts since the day I understand cryptocurrency.

And just a few days ago my friend contact me and got curious about cryptocurrency so we talked and I asked her about cryptocurrency and share some knowledge that I know. I interview her and she answered how she understands those cryptos.

My questions:

Do you know cryptocurrency sis?

  • Her answers: No, but I read them in some Facebook group where I am a member. I am so curious and ask you directly because I've seen you posting something about Bitcoin. Bitcoin is cryptocurrency right?.

  • My answers: cryptocurrency is what we call digital money etc. ( I explained to her in Tagalog the rest is history ).

Do you know BitcoinCash or Bitcoin?

  • Her answers: I know Bitcoin but I never heard about BitcoinCash is this different from Bitcoin?. I only see posts related to Bitcoin.

  • My answers: I am not a pro to answer that. I can only share what I know and base on my understanding BitcoinCash is a fork from Bitcoin ( I explained in Tagalog to her the rest is history )

Do you know

  • Her answers: Honestly I do not know what it is but I've seen that in a post on Facebook. You know I never bother asking those who post it because it looks like a scam too. They earn more than my salary per month sounds too good to be true. Is that possible and I wanna know sis.

  • My answers: well, it's a direct Exchanger wallet where you can accept Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, XRP, ETH.

  • For me, you need a lot of practice to earn 2* or more of your salary through trading or depends. Just research some sis.

Based on what we talk sis do you believe that cryptocurrency can change your life?

  • Her answers: well maybe someday who knows. I am interested to know more about cryptocurrency. As you said sis making my research will aid me.

What will you prepared to use as payments cash or BCH if the store you are shopping is accepting cryptocurrency include #BCH or #BTC?

  • Her answers: I think both are good but if there's a chance to used BitcoinCash in some stores I would use it. Like you said BCH is better because of its low fees or almost free.

We talk for a while and I share with her this platform and she was amazed I think that she can earn money in the form of crypto namely #BitcoinCash and received it and convert it to fiat or use it to pay for something.

She was thankful for the things she learns from me and I told her to make her research so she can understand better the cryptocurrency, BitcoinCash, or Bitcoin. I show her how she should used or convert Cryptocurrency to fiat or to pay someone or something.

We end up in a good way and she is now part of this platform. I am glad to have you here if ever you read this. She doesn't want to be mentioned so let's respect that.

I hope I can reach some of my friends more and relatives as well.

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Written by   207
2 months ago
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I like your article my dear

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2 months ago

Thank you dear ❤️

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2 months ago