Students on the streets again demanding justice for the rapist

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Students have taken to the streets in Uttara of the capital to demand justice for the rapists in the country including MC College in Noakhali and Sylhet. After suspending the protest for three days, they came down again with seven demands. In a human chain demonstration in front of the BNS Center in Uttara from 11:30 am on Sunday, they are demanding the maximum punishment for the rapist and the implementation of seven points.

Students say rape has become a deadly disorder in today's society. Every day incidents like rape and oppression are happening somewhere in the country. Many are getting away with these crimes due to abuse of power or loopholes in the law. Therefore, as a remedy to this, they have raised seven demands to prevent the death penalty and rape. But even after three days of raising the demands, no such response was received from the concerned authorities. So they were forced to take to the streets again.

Students leading the anti-rape movement say, "The government is talking about the maximum punishment for rapists." But we are not talking about the six other demands we have raised to prevent rape, no action is being taken. 'They have taken to the streets again to draw the attention of the authorities to the demands. If that doesn't work, the program will be announced again from Monday.

Students of different schools and colleges have been protesting in Uttara since last Sunday. They raised a seven-point demand on Wednesday. He gave three days to implement the demand. They took to the streets again as they did not get any assurance to implement the demands.

The demands of the students include ensuring that the maximum punishment for rape is death within 60 working days and the minimum punishment is life imprisonment through a speedy trial tribunal; Appointing male and female officers in rape cases; Closing the rape trial through arbitration and ensuring the safety and treatment of the plaintiff; All previous cases to be disposed of within six months; Sex education and self-defense education should be made compulsory in educational institutions to stop all sexual harassment including eve teasing, cyber bullying;

If anyone in the party or administration is involved in rape, action must be taken against him according to state law, and if a woman, child or anyone is harassed through false charges, action must be taken against him. Above all, the government has to give in writing to confirm the demands and form a committee in this regard. A part of the agitating students should be included in the committee.

According to the pre-announcement, the students started gathering in front of the BNS center at around 11 pm. Later, from 11:30 pm, he took to the streets with various placards, banners and various anti-rape articles. Manbandhan protested. At that time they started chanting slogans demanding justice for the rapist.

The various placards in the hands of the students read 'I want a country free from rape, I want the execution of rapists', 'Women are not a product, women are not a consumer', etc. The students chanted slogans, 'Man, why are you silent?', 'There is no place for rapists in my golden Bengal', etc......

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