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I have been married for two months and I have visited my father-in-law's house three times. To be honest, my father-in-law did not make any mistake in entertaining his daughter-in-law. For example, I went to my father-in-law's house for the first time four days after the wedding.

On that day he slaughtered a whole Khasi for me. Although Khasi was not slaughtered the next two times, Padma still had one and a half kg of hilsa and beef. But even after so many arrangements, I did not like any of the in-laws. The reason is very simple. The third time I set foot in my father-in-law's house, I saw a middle-aged woman at the door of a small four-story tin house twenty or thirty meters away from my father-in-law's one-story building. He is staring at me with one helpless gaze. I had seen him before but didn't notice him that way. To quench my curiosity, I asked my wife, Tasfia, - What's wrong with you? - Nothing! Archie is a relative of such a bad relationship. -Okay

. As soon as I entered the house, my mother-in-law and my younger sister-in-law came in a hurry and asked me if I was able to come well. Has there been any problem to come? After answering all their questions, I rested in the old room of Tasfia with a very tired body. Suddenly my sister-in-law Tania called us for lunch. As soon as I appeared at the dinner table, I saw that it was similar to the old Elahi Kand. What I think is that I said to everyone, - Well, I'm coming from outside. You get started. In the early stages of the meal, they were a little surprised to hear this, but did not say anything. About five minutes later I suddenly entered the room with the middle-aged woman. Seeing him with me, everyone is staring at us in amazement. At last the father-in-law said, - Why did Hela take a son-in-law all of a sudden? -No, I thought we were eating well and the people next to the house will be deprived of it, how come? Even though everyone was silent about my words, it was not clear to everyone that the rough look on the woman with me was still there. With great embarrassment, the woman addressed me and said, - Son-in-law! There are many rice legs at home. You eat, I don't need to eat. - I didn't bring you to hear this. Sit in the chair now. According to me, he sat in the dining chair inlaid with a lot of shame. Like the other two times, this time no one is talking at the dinner table and they are not even questioning me to take it. Just in the middle of the meal, everyone is staring at the woman with a rough look. About five days after this incident, everyone in the father-in-law's house was invited to our house. The father-in-law came to visit his daughter's house with 20 kg of sweets. My wife Tasfia can't seem to figure out what to do for her parents. My mother is cooking at the same time with two people from work. The whole house is full of guests, almost all the neighbors have been invited. I glanced at my father-in-law and realized that he was feeling very uncomfortable in this noisy environment.

So I told Tasfia and arranged for them to sit in a separate room. Although we did not have a complete Khasi like our father-in-law in arranging the food, the hospitality was not so low. Everyone is sitting together eating lunch and I am supervising the distribution of food. At the end of the meal, almost everyone praised us and the food in a very satisfying way. One of them said to his father-in-law, -Sir! You are very lucky to be able to marry a girl in such a family. He just smiled in return.

When we said goodbye to them in the afternoon farewell, suddenly my mother-in-law addressed my mother and said, -Bayin. What was the need to invite so many people? This is no longer a wedding arrangement. My mother smiled lightly and said, -What did he say? They are always by our side and we can not invite them? To fulfill my mother's words, I said, -Mom. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. If the people next to us did not eat and if we were hospitable to Elahi Kand, then we would have deviated from a small hindrance of religion. Remember when you are in danger but the neighbors come forward first. So how do you eat those neighbors? If we can feed ten people with a little low quality food without spending a lot of money on high quality food without feeding one person, then both will be achieved. Did I say something wrong? They can't help but be surprised at the suddenness of my words. I finished their farewell very well. . I have not received any invitation at my father-in-law's house for the last one month. I wonder if the words of the day did not think again? After much waiting, my wife Tasfia finally told me, -Listen. Dad told me to go tomorrow. I will leave in the morning but I haven't seen Chhotu for a month.

I smiled lightly and said, - All right. The next day I left early in the morning for my father-in-law's house. The road in the morning is quite free so it takes more than an hour to reach Laglona. As soon as I entered my father-in-law's house, I saw a surprise. The whole house is full of people. As soon as I entered, some people came forward, shook hands and asked me this. Why is my mind feeling so happy today. Suddenly the woman named Helena from the next house came forward and said, - How are you, son-in-law? I have made rasgolla for you with pure buffalo milk. Don't do this. I nodded with a very satisfied face and omni he put the whole rasgolla in my mouth.

My mother-in-law hugged me with tears in her eyes and said, - Son-in-law. I am really proud to have given my daughter to one of the best families. You opened my eyes. In this one month, I have helped all the neighbors a little, but I have received more than him. You really said that they were the ones who came forward in that day. I have not been able to slaughter a whole Khasi for you today, but there is no doubt that I will be able to entertain everyone with all my heart.

I turned away from my father-in-law and said, -That's what I expected, Abbajan. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: When you cook good food, add a little salt and pepper to it so that you can give some of that food to your neighbor. This is the best right towards the neighbor. But do the people of the society realize the rights of the neighbors? Never.

Because someone is eating chicken in a restaurant on one side of the street and someone is starving on the other side. This is the proven image of the society. Do you share good food with your neighbors or do you sit in the corner of the room and eat like a cat? I want the answer to the question ...

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