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The boy left the hall within 1 hour 30 minutes of the 3 hour test. The first day I thought the boy was bad as a student so he left the hall so early. But after the same incident happened in four consecutive tests, I found out about the boy and found out that he was not a bad student at all. Because he writes the answer to question number 80-90 in 1 hour and 30 minutes. This thing made me more anxious to know about the boy. Then I started searching and later I found out that the boy's name is Arif. After 1 hour and 30 minutes of testing, he went to work in a car garage, where he worked hard all day to provide food and medicine for his mother. Not only that, the boy is much more self-respecting. If necessary, he will not eat, but he will not ask for it from anyone.

This school is the best school in the whole Dhaka city. Every year during the annual examination, teachers from other cities are brought to this school to be the guards in the examination hall. This year I received a call from Chittagong As a result, Arif's activities did not go unnoticed by me. It is really difficult to find such a boy in this age. Seeing Arif's love for his mother, I also remembered my mother, but the sad thing is that my mother left me long ago. Within moments he became upset again. Looking at the sky, I realized that the heat of the sun today is much higher than other days. The sun is high above the head so it feels very hot. There are enough people on the road, so I decided to hang out somewhere nearby. When the heat of the sun subsides, I will go home again but to sit somewhere better I couldn't find a place. Finally I entered the garage of a car and sat in a chair and saw a boy named Arif cleaning the wheels of the car. As soon as he saw me he came to me and said,

  • - "Assalamu Alaikum sir."

  • - "Wa alaikumus salam."

  • - "Sir, are you here all of a sudden? Do you have to do any car work, tell me I'll do it."

  • - "No, it's not very hot outside, so I came here and sat down."

  • - "Then you sit down. I'm bringing a cold for you."

As soon as Arif came out to fetch something, I grabbed his hand and pulled him to my side and said,

- "You don't have to bring anything. Tell me, how did you pass today's test?"

- "Alhamdulillah sir it has been much better."

- "I think if you take another 30 minutes of testing, you will be able to write the answer to question 100 out of 100."

- "Fertilizer shop has to open at ten o'clock but due to exams I open at half past ten. Now if I am late then the owner will kick me out of the shop. And once he throws me out of the shop then how can I feed my mother Will he get medicine? So he writes as much as he can by 10:30 and leaves. And sir, even if I get 100 out of 100, I will not be as happy as I am because of working for my mother. Every day my mother prays for me and says one day I will surely succeed. My mother's prayers are more valuable to me than getting 100 marks in the exam. "

Tears welled up in the corners of his eyes without his knowledge. It seems that the water will flow like a rushing stream. I calmed myself down and asked,

  • - "What does your father do?"

  • - "My mother has been sick for the last three or four years so my father left my mother and remarried and left us far away. I'm fine. "

Arif has enough confidence in everything he says. Especially Arif's smile. Arif's smile is able to overcome all the sorrows of the world. Arif is covering the innumerable wounds hidden in his chest through his smile.

- "Well, Arif, let's buy you something."

- "Sir don't mind but I can't go with you. The owner will talk a lot when he gets out of the garage now."

I realized that even if the boy dies, he will not take anything from me. Then I gave the sari I bought for Ayesha to Arif and said,

- "I gave this sari as a gift to your mother and if the elders give it as a gift, you have to accept it."

This time Arif could not disagree with my words. After Arif accepted the sari, I left and reached my house shortly after. As soon as she entered the house, Ayesha said,

  • - "Sir, why are you happy to smile so much today?"

  • - "I don't mean .....

  • - "I realized that you must have helped someone today so you are so happy. Now show me the sari you bought for me soon? Let's see how beautiful sari my husband bought for me?

I handed the empty bag to Ayesha. Ayesha said with an empty bag in her hand,

- "Wow, today's help has been done with my sari. I still have a lot of sari. You have been able to help someone, that's a lot for me."

I took Ayesha and put my hand on hers and said,

  • - "Such a half-sister that the great Rabbul Alamin gives to everyone."

  • - "Mr. Bahadur, don't you know that I am One Piece, I was made just for you?"

I started laughing when I heard Ayesha's words. I really feel blessed to have a half-sister like Ayesha. After my parents, the man who is with you in every chapter of life, good or bad, is the half-sister. Ayesha welcomes every good deed of mine and rules to stay away from bad deeds. Then I told Ayesha everything about the boy named Arif. I couldn't understand when they both cried when I talked about her. After talking to Ayesha, I thought to myself that I would be in charge of Arif's hall guard in the upcoming exams. But unfortunately I had to come to Chittagong that day for an important work. As a result, I did not see Arif anymore. After 2-3 months I went to Dhaka and found out about Arif. He no longer works in this garage and no one knows where he is. .

10 years later, a few days ago, Ayesha and I decided to build a small house. Many advised to meet with a good architect engineer. And I have heard a lot of reputation of architect engineer named Arifuzzaman in public so I have come to meet him today. Then two hours after taking the appointment, I had the opportunity to meet Arifuzzaman. As soon as I entered the cabin, Arifuzzaman ran and hugged me. Suddenly I was faced with a scene that was beyond my imagination. Arifuzzaman hugged me and said,

- "Do you recognize me, sir?"

- "You're not Engineer Arifuzzaman!"

- "Hey sir I am Engineer Arifuzzaman for other people but for you I am your Arif. Remember Sir I used to work in the garage. And you gave a sari as a gift to my mother?"

For a while I thought I was listening to a fairy tale. It is not uncommon for a person to change in 10 years but so much that I did not recognize him. I saw him in a garage 10 years ago and today I see him as the head of an engineering firm 10 years later. Arif sat me down next to him and said,

  • - "How are you, sir? And what are you here for?"

  • - "Alhamdulillah and I came to work in a house."

  • - "You don't have to worry. It's my responsibility to do your job best because I'm indebted to you forever."

  • - "Debtor! But why?"

- "Sir, you gave me a sari for my mother that day and I can't explain to you how happy my mother was to see that sari. My mother's tears told me how happy my mother was. Thank you very much sir."

- "How is your mother now?"

- "Actually, sir, a week after the incident, my mother left for the land of no return."

In a moment, Arif's happy face was filled with sadness. Suddenly, I did not imagine to hear such news. Arif took my hand and said,

- "Sir, maybe my mother is not here today but my mother's prayers are always with me. Many people say that every man has a woman behind his success. I can proudly say that my mother is behind my success. Not only that, behind every boy's success in the world. He has the blessings of his mother and mother. Because if a mother does not give birth to a child, how can that child be successful? My mother's blessings are many times more than my hard work behind my success. "

I said no more and said goodbye to Arif and came out of his cabin. I was thinking with my hands on Ayesha's hand on the verandah, my mother always prayed with her hands on my head. And today Ayesha may be the proof of it. Mother's blessings are really above everything in this world.

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