Horror story part -7 ( jungle)

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pouring rain, Kumar is returning to the city by driving through the jungle.
The night has been good, it is raining so much that there is no way to see anything clearly outside.

Maybe it would have been better not to return today ... If I had
spent the night in the guest house after finishing my factory work, I might not have had to face this rain.

The only way to get from the factory to the city is this jungle.
This huge dense forest ... Even in
daylight, sunlight does not enter this forest.
This jungle is full of big unnamed trees.

The people of towns and villages believe that there are many unknown secrets hidden in this forest.
Many people think that there is a witch in this forest.

Many people have gone missing in this forest. No dead body has been found. No sign of anyone has been found. But it is heard that old people are more missing in this forest.

You have to cross this jungle to go from village to town, so it is not possible to avoid this jungle.

Kumar is not a believer in these bizarre stories, but his fears are about wild animals.

Even if you get rid of the witch, it is not possible to save yourself from the animals.

Besides, he heard that only the bodies of old people had been found in the jungle, maybe the witch could force the old men on a strong man and not a strong man ...
so what else could he worry about.

Kumar laughed a little in his mind,
he turned on a loud music to change his mind a little.

The car was moving well while listening to the song, suddenly a tree branch came from somewhere and fell in front of his car.

Kumar braked the car ....
there is no name to stop the rain yet.

He got out of the car in the rain and stood in front of the car ....

Strange thing ...
There are no tree branches.
But what Kumar saw was a big tree branch ...

he may have made a mistake in so much rain ... he

got into the car and started the car, just at that moment someone knocked on the glass of the car.

Kumar looked outside and saw a girl.

Her black sari open hair is absolutely wet in the rain.
Trembling in the cold, a state of gnashing of teeth.

Kumar opened the window and said,
Who are you .. in this forest so late at night .... take

me to a little town ...

Kumar put him in the seat next to him without further ado .

Who are you..what are you doing this way in the rain so late at night ...?

The girl sat facing the window without answering.

Kumar was trying in many ways to talk to the girl ... to find out about her ... but the girl was not answering.

Doubt was growing in Kumar's mind.
Is it normal for a girl to come this time ..!
Not at all ...
but even if I didn't give him a lift, I would be heartbroken not to help anyone in that danger.

Two people inside the car..but instead of cutting the silence, it seemed to increase.
It is raining outside,
no sound can be heard except the sound of rain.

Kumar plays a loud music to normalize the situation.

'Stop singing' ...

the girl said in a serious voice.

Kumar laughs and says,
I don't like songs that you understand..I am playing many other songs.

Saying this, he turns on a soft music ... The

girl says again in a serious voice,
stop the song ...

Kumar's subject seems a little strange.
He did her a favor and the girl thanked him for ordering her away.

Seeing the girl, it seems that she is twenty-one and twenty-two, but her voice is like that of an old woman.

Tell me where to get off..I'm leaving you, there's not much time to come to town.

The girl did not answer.
It's very annoying

... are you listening ...? I'm telling you ... where to get off ..?

Nah..no answer.

Annoyed, Kumar grabbed the girl's hand and went to call her.

But as soon as he touched her body, Kumar's mind seemed to be cut off.

The body is as cold as ice ... It
can be so cold!

Even if it is for wetting in the rain, it should not be so cold at all.
Kumar himself got out of the car. He himself got wet .. Kai his body is not so cold ....

Kumar said to the girl,
you get down here, I am stopping the car.

When the girl did not answer, Kumar called her out loud. When the
girl returned to him, Kumar was surprised to see her.

The skin is drooping from the mouth, the hair has turned white in an instant, the eyes are like holes, the teeth are sharp and red.

It's not the girl she gave the lift to, it's an old woman ... but she doesn't look like a normal person.
But how is that possible ...!

What a sharp smile the woman gave looking at
Kumar ..... Kumar could not keep his head straight, could not handle the shake and went to a tree and his car was hit.

All darkness at the moment ....

When he regains consciousness he finds himself out of the car. It is barely dawn in the sunlight.

She opened her eyes,
what happened to her the night before ..? Who was that woman ... her

head was shaking, as if there was no force in her body.
Kumar stood up with great difficulty.

But is that woman ...
but she has heard that if she wears it in the hands of a witch, there is no life ...
then how is she alive ..?

Let's talk about it .. we need to go home first.
Kumar walked towards the car, opened the car door and sat inside.
He needs to get out of this jungle first of all..this is how he can start the car.

Eki ... !! Who is this ..? This is not him.

Kumar, who is 29 years old, looks like a seventy year old.
Her skin is wrinkled, her eyes are stuck inwards, her hair is ripe, as if there is no force in her body.

Kumar can't believe his eyes at all ..
It's a nightmare .. No it can't be ....

Suddenly Kumar's eye goes to his neck.

The marks of someone's teeth on his neck are obvious.

Unbearable pain has started to be all over his body, there is no force in his body anymore.

Kumar realized that the witch had absorbed all his youth, energy, age ... and left him to die in this way.

Slowly darkness fell before his eyes ... From
noon the villagers found the body of another old man in the jungle.








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I love reading horror stories. Thank you so much. You wrote so beautifully. I like the story very much.

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love all the stories you shared

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That was an interesting as well as scary story to read on

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Horror Story again.. 😑😑😑... It is scary but I enjoy it... 😊

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Awesome Story

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