Why quit smoking?

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2 years ago

A year after year I have seen how the tobacco industry maintains an upward trajectory in profit. Did you know that the tobacco industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world? Yes, it is and it's deadly. Despite its harmful effects on health and the environment, it doesn't affect the likeness of people to patronize smoking cigarettes. They didn't even know what the possible outcome when others smell their cigarettes.

The packaging of cigarettes nowadays is improved and already indicates the negative effects. Convenience and sari-sari store prohibited selling cigarettes to minor but I have seen many minor here in our neighborhood walking on the street while smoking. They don't even care about the people around them.

Did you know that many newborn babies, infants and kids even adults suffer and died due to pneumonia, heart disease, and lung cancer because they are affected by the smoker? Secondhand smoke is a serious health hazard. Also thirdhand smoke is a chemical left on surfaces where people smoked can cause lung disease and asthma.

There's is no good side to smoking cigarettes. The more you take it the more it damages your body.

Did you know that there's no way to protect yourself and your loved ones from cigarette smoke except for being a 100% smoke-free environment.?

If you are a smoker I understand how you feel about my testimony on smoking but please also consider us. We only want to protect ourselves and love ones from disease. This is why I want you and everyone to be aware of the effects of smoking cigarettes. Because there's no good in smoking. It's just gives you a small pleasure in time but it's ruining your healthy lifestyle. I will give you some hints on why you should stop smoking.


🚬Lengthen your life expectancy. It's lower the risk of lung cancer and other diseases like emphysema, heart disease, and chronic bronchitis.

🚬Quitting smoking can improve appearance. Your skin can recover its elasticity, reduce wrinkles and discoloration of your teeth and skin. Your breath, hair, and your clothes can smell better.

🚬Improves your blood circulation, better lung function, and helps you breathe more easily.

🚬Your sense of smell and taste will be back to normal. When you are smoking you can't appreciate the taste of many foods because you have weak senses.

🚬Social pressures. You will be pressured by your friends, family, and people around you because they don't like the smell and they are afraid of the effects of smoking. Smoking can mess up your social interaction and weakened you physically and mentally.

🚬Smoking can cause erectile dysfunction or impotence. If you wish to have your own family you should stop smoking and practice a healthy lifestyle.

🚬Improves your physical abilities. You will be comfortably doing activities because you can breathe easily.

🚬Quit smoking can help you save more. Instead of a pack of cigarettes put a piece of fruits and veggies on your table. It helps you strengthen your immunity.

I know it's hard to quit from one thing we used to. But if it's for the best for everyone why not?


It is not too late. Don't waste your time and money on something that turns to ashes. Don't hesitate and just make sudden movements. I already told you about the danger of consuming cigarettes. Stop making unacceptable reasons and excuses. You could save yourself and someone's life if you stay out of it.

When you already decide to put things in order. Here are some guidelines to maintain your tobacco-free lifestyle:

📋Make friends with non-smokers and God-fearing. They will help you to achieve your goal and guide you while you are in the quitting process.

📋Makes drinking water a habit. It will help you eliminates toxins inside your body. It will also help you released the nicotine through urine.

📋Exercise. It will help you to reduce the urge to smoke. The stress that causes you to smoke can be stopped by doing exercise and other physical activities.

📋Reminders. You should have a wake-up call when you start quitting smoking. Always remember the reason why you need to stop.

📋Find an oral substitute. The temptation will always there, so try something like chewing gum or mint candies to pop it in your mouth.

📋Make yourself busy. Get up to watch a movie while eating some snacks or relax while listening to music. Keeps your hand busy too, like holding a pen, squeezing a ball, or play online or doing sports.

📋Brush your teeth often. It will help you forget the taste of cigarettes. The feeling of being fresh and clean can banish cigarette cravings.

📋Go to a place where tobacco is prohibited. It will lessen your likes and temptations in smoking cigarettes.

📋Be health-conscious. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. It will remind you of the effects of smoking on your health.

📋Think positive and believe in yourself. Maybe you try to quit before but you have failed. But don't get distracted and focus on what do you want to do now.

You have to keep in mind that you are building yourself to be a better, new, and responsible human being. God entrusted us with our bodies. So we must takes extra effort to improve our body function to be able to fulfill our duties. Through this tough time, you need moral, emotional, and even spiritual support to regain your self-esteem and fed your subconsciousness.

Smoking can also affect and damage our environment. The smoke can add up to air pollution by releasing toxic chemicals. The cigarette butt or filter litter can block drainage. It can take 18 months to 10 years to decompose it. A cigarette butt is the most commonly polluted plastic that can cause a fire. They are the common eyesore on the ground, streets, parks, and beaches.

If you are a smoker please be responsible for throwing your cigarette filter. While there's a time and chance to change do your part as a human.

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2 years ago


Pls. Encourage everyone you know to stop smoking if you can.

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2 years ago

Smoking are really injurious for our health.It's good if we leave smoke.

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2 years ago

Nakakasira Ng buhay ng tao, parang alak din yan.

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2 years ago

Kahit papano yung alak may health benefits pa pero ang sigarlyo tlga wala.

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2 years ago

Smoking is the best harmful.things in human health. Every human know that smoking causes cancer but still they did smoke. Cigarette has some carcinogen elements which promotes cancer. At present, teenager affected into smoking. That's really a bad news. Thank you for written a very informative article

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2 years ago