Unexpected Pregnancy

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2 years ago

Way back in 2015 when I and my husband seeing each other. At first, there are feelings you can't just explain. Not just excitement nor happiness. And the feeling is mutual. We talk about a lot of things. Travel together while holding hands and the sparks are there. Kiss and hugs are flying in the corner. It makes me feels like I'm dreaming. And then suddenly I woke up from that dream when the reality arrived.

One day when I am not able to get up because I am feeling dizzy and there's something weird in my stomach and thinking about what I eat yesterday. I started thinking about the possible causes of my upset stomach. Then when I realize and almost forgot that I didn't have my menstruation last month. It makes my heart beat faster than usual. And that was never part of our plan. Yes, I got pregnant. I don't know what to do at first but I decided to stop working. I lost my job and went back home, lived with my parents for a while. I hide the truth that I am pregnant and telling lies that I just want to take my holidays for a month. I don't want them to suffer because I failed in deciding my life. I don't want them to disappoint. But I think it's too late. When I talk to my boyfriend about it he was just confused. Don't know what to do or how to deal with it. He starts making excuses. And I feel exhausted, stress, and down. But at the end of the day, we decide to live together with his daughter(my stepdaughter now). And everything settles down from time to time. We conducted planning and consultation. I started visiting my midwife. Taking nap.Taking vitamins and folic acid. Eating healthy veggies and fruits. Drinking more water and milk. I also got support and a blessing from my boyfriend's family. Everything was so clear and my hesitation starts fading. But one thing I know is there's a lot of sacrifice and risk when you got pregnant unexpectedly.

When you got pregnant unexpectedly everything was going to change suddenly. You will lose your self-confidence and self-reliance. You will try to abort it if you don't know about how precious he/she could be. You started judging yourself whether you can do it or not. Were you be a good mom or an irresponsible one? You can't feel your feet on the ground. Start blaming yourself for being a fool. And you feel frustrated when you don't have some amount to support your needs. You start thinking if there's God or someone you can rely on. But you need to accept the fact that you are having a baby and you should moving forward.

Unwanted or unplanned pregnancy is due to a lack of resources to use effective contraception. Lack of awareness toward sexual activity. And the loss of self-control. You should make a step-by-step measure to accept the fact that you are having a baby. And learning things to avoid other mistakes at the phase of your pregnancy.

See a doctor

You should consult a doctor to learn how to take care of yourself and the baby inside your womb. Ask them to prescribed your vitamins and the essentials of it for you and the baby. Know your schedule of prenatal check-up. You should know what to do and not what to do during pregnancy. What to eat and don't.It is important to be healthy while you are still in the phase of accepting the unplanned pregnancy.

Learning to accept the fact that you are pregnant

You can't be healthy if you are depressed. I know it takes time and process to deal with it but you have to do it for your good and the baby. Maybe this is not the best time for you to have it but someday you will also wish you have. You have to deal with the complicated situation and at the same time, you should move forward.

Seek support and advice

During this time it is hard to deal with it alone. You need the company to raise your confidence that you can overcome these trials. Your husband's support is a must. Moral, emotional, and financial support should be on his shoulder. Your friends, family, and relatives' support could be helpful. As you move forward you should consider how to be extra careful.

You need to learn to be ready. Willingness and not willingness to be a parent could affect your baby inside. When you start making progress of your decision to keep the baby you should know that is not just about giving birth. It is all about how to raise him/her. How to take care of them for the rest of your life. You will face the reality of something you can't imagine you will have. Both of you and your partners need to be moral and financially ready. Financial status is one of the reasons why others are having a hard time keeping the baby. Raising one child is hard already so, what if you have more?

When you already gave birth to your little one you will forget all those sacrifices and decisions you make. You will just genuinely smile and thanks to God you decide to keep it.He/she worth it. Your baby can now your motivation and inspiration to become a good and responsible one.He/she will be your greatest treasure in life.

I am humbly thanks to God for giving me a wonderful baby in my life. I now have 4 children including my stepdaughter. It is amazing how miracle works every time you see their happy face and hearing their laughter your sacrifices are now paid off.

Let me share my family picture here. Thank you!

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2 years ago


Ganyan din ako dati, unexpected pero happy and blessed naman.

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2 years ago

Oo nga...nadagdagan pa nga e.super blessed tayo ngayon.Sila motovation para kumita.😂😂😂

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2 years ago