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7 months ago

I saw a lot of users who pursue to influence people using their social media accounts and writings to take part on spreading awareness of bitcoin cash everyday. They also shared how blessed they are when they found and platform. Both platforms were not only giving out tips but also giving hope to everyone to look for. By writing and sharing your knowledge you can earn not only bitcoin cash but also trust and love from other users and tippers out there. I may not able to get tips like others because I know I am not dedicated and competent enough to write and share something to this platform.

Last year, for almost three months I can say that I am blessed enough to earn $200 by writing. I was shocked every time I receive a tip from Rusty because most of my articles are Tagalog. But due to financial crisis we are experiencing right now all of my earnings are gone. I didn't even bought something I want from my hard work. I can't stand to see my kids starving so I have to cash out my earnings. Sometimes I regret because I did not spare even a little.

I have to restart and erase negative thoughts to make a new move and plan.

Earlier, I made a promise to myself. I set my goal to start hodling the bitcoin cash even if it just a cents. I want to hodl bitcoin cash for future. I don't want to waste opportunity like this. Even though it was hard for me to hodl because I am a mom and my husband got asthma attacks several times a week. He is also out of work for 2 months because the company he's working for was shut down. I have to focus on my goal on hodling what I've got from this platform. Since I have other source of income I think I can make it. I also tried to join in many airdrops. I hope I can hodl atleast 1 BCH this year. I see how bitcoin cash scaling up. The adoption and development are proofs that it was a good investments and assets of today's world.

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