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2 years ago

I am having a hard time to fulfill duties being a full-time mom and a housewife. I didn't take care of myself enough. I dedicate myself to handling things at home. But before I start my day I thank God for waking me up and giving me a chance taking care of my responsibility.

I have 4 kids to take care of. My kid's ages 8 y/o, 4 y/o, 2 y/o, and 5 months old baby. I am having a hard time breastfeeding my two kids(tandem breastfeeding) but I want to keep them healthy as much as possible.

At 8 in the morning, I prepare breakfast for my kids such as pancakes, porridge, and cereals. I help them to eat properly and finish on time. Wash the dishes and prepare for the next chores.

Between 9 and 10 I bathe them. Put on clothes and get ready for their snacks. Breastfed the baby and another one.

10:30-11:00 it's time to prepare for lunch. One of the hardest parts of a mom is to think about what to prepare for lunch and dinner. Fed them again. Brushing their teeth and wash the dishes again. Breastfeeding time again and again and again.

I let them played and watch at 1 in the afternoon and let them sleep at 2 pm. While they are sleeping I do laundry and cleaning another corner of the house. And also prepare snacks again. One of their favorite thing to do is eating together and sharing foods.

I make sure that I already cook for dinner and fed them right after so I can sit back and relax or play with my little one. I let them sleep at 9.

I am so much in trouble when I fall asleep while breastfeeding. I can't do other things like cook and prepare snacks for them and let them just eat cookies and ready to drinks like cow heads milk or Yakult.

It is so hard for me to manage time because sometimes I easily get tired. I don't have much time for myself. I can't even comb my hair sometimes. And I forgot to say I also packed some foods for my husband when he goes to work. When I got a chance like this, I get myself busy doing articles and earn at the same time. I also want to earn and save it for my kids.

Sometimes I feel depressed but I need to hold a grip to be a better mom. I need to raise my kids well. I want the best for them. They are my strength.

I'm sorry I know I am not good at English but I am trying my best so that the reader can read and understand my article.

Have a nice day everyone!

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2 years ago