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We all know our name, where we live, where we work, we know our relatives, our environment, but do you really know yourself?

Social confinement made us change the whole scheme we had for our work, family, and environment routine. Now we do everything at home. When we realize that something or everything affects us, we are living a moment to reflect and think about how we feel, how we are, how we relate, what situations affect us, how we feel about the things that happen around us.

Do you really know yourself? do you know your name? but what else do you know about yourself? have you thought introspectively about what you don't like about yourself? have you thought about what doesn't make you happy?

Sometimes we think that certain situations are unimportant, but if they do affect us in some way, over time we may become accustomed to that situation. You would like to feel better but you don't know what affects you and how to improve to feel better.

I've heard some content where there are challenging questions. These are posts on a variety of topics where some bloggers make their posts trying to randomly answer some of these questions. So reflecting on what I have read, I thought that it is a good strategy to ask several questions to get to know oneself. It's not a challenge per se, I just used the idea and transformed it into a strategy to get to know myself.

It is a strategy to get to know yourself and help your personal development, I try or at least I make the attempt.

 1.- Are you clear about your goals in your life?

You have defined what you want and what you don't want, and you work according to those goals. It is important to be clear about what you want in life, or are you one of those people who say that the way life is presented to you is the way you live it.

2.- Do you have a role model to follow?

Many times our parents, with the values they inculcated in their children, their example of hard work and honesty, leave their mark on their children. They become examples of a model of a person worthy of following.

3.- Do you enjoy the things you do?

Many times we carry out activities or live life doing things that do not make us happy and for that reason, we do not enjoy it. Accept with enthusiasm the things you do in life or change them. But if you can't change them, change your attitude towards them.

4.-Do you feel that you need something more in life that you don't have yet?

If you really have that need in your life, then pursuing it is your new goal in life. Work on that, on reaching and filling that void in that need.

5.-Are you one of those people who go through life trying to please others?

If your answer is yes, you should focus on yourself, change the way you act towards others. Worry about you, what you are and how you are. Focusing on you allows you to move forward.

6.-Do what you say?

Sometimes we say things that we do not reflect in our attitude towards life. We say, for example, that we are optimistic and we reflect an attitude of pessimism. I once asked a friend how he was feeling, by way of greeting, and he replied that he was doing very well, how much better than that, but he was walking with his eyes on the ground, his shoulders slumped, his feet shuffling. His body language showed that he did not do what he said.

7.-Do you experience in action what you know in practice?

We know about objectives and purpose, we know how to set goals and actions to follow, about forgiving in order to move forward. But do you actually put all this knowledge into practice to achieve happiness or does it all remain knowledge and you have never experienced it in action, in your daily life?

8.- What are you afraid of?

Many people are afraid of failure and this fear paralyzes the person, paralyzes them, takes away the option to experiment, takes away the opportunity to make mistakes or to move forward. Fear does not allow you to improve in life.

 9.- Do you anticipate the future in your thoughts?

Are you one of those people who do not enjoy the present because you are thinking about the future of facts or events that have not yet happened? You are one of those people who, through your imagination, feel pain, bitterness, sadness for events that have not happened but which you believe may happen. Let me tell you that you are alive here and now. Your imagination robs you of your present. Change, live your present without imagining your future, and if it is sadness, even less so.

 10.- You do know that the pandemia and confinement will end, don't you?

live each day as a learning experience, be it positive or negative. The beauty of life is that each day has its own zeal. Live the present as it comes to you.

I hope this strategy for getting to know more about you by answering the questions will be of personal benefit. Investing time and effort in getting to know who you are as a person will give you great benefits. Learning to value yourself as a person, transforming your relationship with yourself, being in control of your thoughts in a positive way, accepting and loving yourself as you are, feeling free, living in the present, being positive, and transmitting this positivism in your environment will make you put into practice all your knowledge about how to achieve peace, happiness and living in the present in harmony with your environment. Being happy in the present is worthwhile, despite all the circumstances that surround us. The decision to know and improve aspects of yourself depends only on you: Do you know yourself? who you really are? how are you living your life in the present? what do you need to live in peace and harmony in the present? why are you suffering? etc. If these questions make you feel uncomfortable, think about how you can change them. Be happy.

Thank you for coming here to read my post, I hope to read your valuable comments as well.

Thank you to my sponsors and readers who continue to follow me for your valuable support. You guys are the best. See you next time. 

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1 year ago


I think I have a clear goal but then again goals change. I still enjoy what I do. I have my partner, I have a job, I have my family and friends and that's all I really need for now. I used to work in a company that I don't like the job but now I am more happy. It doesn't pay that much but at least I'm happy and I don't have to please anyone else. The last question was a comfort. Indeed, this pandemic will end. It's about to end, I believe.

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1 year ago

Yes your right We know our name, but we still didn't know who we really are.

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1 year ago