Who am I ?

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3 months ago

I am the cold shadow in deserted island. I can feel that burn in my bones as if something is slithering my throat. I don't know what to call this rage I know this pain before. It's too much to not know the things which lies in my chest. City, career, emotions, family and dreams are coming together to knock me but whom should I answer first. I wish to be heartless and practical in my approach. It was raining in my town the time when I was alive, pouring the drops down to clean my soul where my heart was half naked under the shade of not so full moon. I am the way joy hits in the most unexpected way. I crave for jasmine and slow tunes as if I am prone to old school romance. A blend of colors is what I think about myself but usually the grey fascinates my soul because that hue wants me to be careful and to not believe on everything blindly.

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