Question of Existence

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2 years ago

As a child when alone many question pop-up in my mind. Even on that delicate stage I ask my big brother why are we here. The answer is that God made us, and who is God, and so on and so forth question that my brother get irritated for he is studying telling me to shot up.

That question crop-up in high school asking our nun teacher why God made us. Hoping for a concrete answer for she's serving God. She answered: To serve the Lord Almighty.

Follow-up question: How to serve the Lord? She answered: Obey His Ten commandments, read the bible and follow His words, His footsteps the tools in following the right path.

Then, why we are here if that is the reason of our existence. Why not joined directly into your congregation, in your vocation of serving God. She said it is a vocation that many are called but few are chosen.

At that time I did not fully comprehend of those lines.

Today, I still ask why do bad people creating chaos, initiating war, inflicting pains, distracting the universe exist. Why they immerse in peaceful community on the process displacing people and ruin the children's future.

Why do they exist when they are not serving the Lord.

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