Hive PeakD: have you heard of it?

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10 months ago

Time flew faster when you are grateful and everything seems to be fine as a wine. I couldn't believe that I am almost in my 8th month on Hive PeakD already.

So,friends here in read cash, I hope it's just fine to share with you all my story on how I became a crypto-writer.

Improvements and opportunities have knocked on my doorstep these past days. Especially when one of the founders and a pillar of Hive followed my account. And as for myself, I treat it as a milestone and a challenge to write better there with sense and value.

A recap: December 8th was when I published my first ever article and introductory post that I never expected to blow-up and to touch many hearts. Entitled "A Loner's Weep", it was a prose-poetry I made in one sitting about my personal experiences and hobbies. My main motto when I wrote it back then was to write to touch the heart of many. So, creatively, I made sure to make it relevant, to comfort those who would read it. For final touches, I then added metaphors and other figure of speeches to color and add life to what I was trying to imply.

To enlighten, Hive is a part of the expanding PeakD blockchain that has tight security. And thus, it lessened my worries and doubts. Hive became my safe place the past months before I arrived here in read cash. I could write truthfully there without the fear of getting discriminated. And, I always appreciate the people there because they all have the sense of maturity. It is beneficial to me as a youngster because those mature behaviours influences me to be mature as well.

In addition, writing on Hive trained me in many aspects:

  • Disciplining myself to write habitually and with standard so that I would write with sense:

    When I write I want it to bear a message with great value. Moreover, I have observed that my proses and articles there have became lengthy which in that case proves that my writing and scribbling of words improved a lot.

  • Being financially responsible and able to be thoughtful and generous:

    Back when I wasn't on Hive yet, I am some selfish brat thinking only about myself and had trouble saving money. However, when I arrived there, strived and then started to harvest the fruits of my efforts, my perspective started to change. I was able to practice giving without wanting in return. It was such a happy feeling that I could help my family with the house expenses and that I could finally earn money by myself and could sustain my wants with the money I am earning.

  • Being dedicated:

    Hive trained me in many ways to be dedicated and passionate about writing. Since I want to earn more, I consistently tell myself to be better and never give up writing. In this way, although having a writer's block isn't avoidable, I easily recovers since I push myself to not be lazy.

Lastly, the almost 8 months there in Hive gave me confidence. I became prouder of myself and Hive became somehow a magnifying glass for myself to see that I am worthy and I could be a better version of myself.

I would like to thank those friends that I made there, especially those people who always comment and support me 💗. Even some of us barely interact, we still managed to get along in the comment sections supporting and uplifting each other. I feel so validated. The encouragements are all appreciated because those comments are one of the reasons why I am determined and passionate when writing.

That's all I could share! Thank you read cash as well for being my another writing space and platform to improve. I hope to be better here 💗.

Renésmee Neverfound

An aspirant writer and artist. To be found is my greatest dream and never be lost. Hi, I am @rene.neverfound, you can call me Rene or Esme if you like. I specialized in prose-poetry and poetry, and now I am trying new things and writing styles. I love learning! I am a 17-year-old girl living life in the Philippines. I am a total bookworm and a grade 12 student with an undying passion for writing and art.

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10 months ago


I think there is a great similarity in the pros between read cash and hive, both of which are great platforms that have added great value and features to our lives. I also use hive but not since joel time and really grateful for all my achievements on read cash and hive. And congratulations to you my dear

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10 months ago

thank you @Lara888! do you still write in Hive today so that I could follow you there as well?

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9 months ago

Oh yes dear.. I wasn't active here nor there but now I'm back just tell me your name so I follow you too

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9 months ago